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Unto every human being, a talent of some sort and worth is deposited some where inside. Now, that is the belief. Can it be possible that some people were created or natured with none? After you have read at least one of Jumoke's poems from her I am memory, you will agree with me that some people were cheated by nature or at creation for Jumoke to possess the extremely inspiring talent she possesses.
Jumoke verissimo is a bold poet whose courage is exposed with the letters that stand imbeded in the words that make-up the various lines of her poetry. Her lyrical ability dismantles your present state and builds your mind within the walls of her expression.
Her book I am memory which is made up fourteen poems torn apart under four classes; ["of intuition and emotions", "of an enchanted tale", "of places and poeple", "of falseness of being"] has touched the right spots and brought the dead, forgotten and the dead and forgotten [some are dead while others are dead and forgotten] back to eternal life and memory in our minds.
Jumoke's poems express deep emotions and feelings, [...memory of once intense affection/ the heat of my passion/ my waist pines for your searing/ my aftertaste of loin tussle...] as she bears them out completely in "Sequence [of desire]" where she expressed the pain, joy and memory of a heartbroken lover. Her words sure know how to get you into any feeling although for most of the time you will linger around sadness and pity.
Honestly, Jumoke is very bold and she dares to give voice to "The Silenced", bring back "The Disposed", and fight for the profit of "The Loss" and "The Abused". Her poems describe their titles so well that trapped in the web of their meaning, you somehow find a way to escape to the substance of her story.
Verissimo however, writes so much about poverty, [...the causatic memories of labourers whose inheritance is slummed fathers/ murmur hunger-sagged dreams/ i billow effortlesly into reggae of impoverishment...] pain,[...i know of wounds that dont heal, of scars and foes/ i am the welt of the world/ reflections of guilt and groans/ age-sown pain, that stays, that stains...] and so intense deprssion [...i am those places where death is an appraisal of hope...] without prescribing a remedy or any kind of relief.
For me, I am memory is one book i know will always freshen my staleness even in many years to come. No matter how often i read this book, my hunger will always yearn for more.
In Odia Ofeimun's [poet and critic] opinion, "this poet will travel" but in mine, i'll say "just like the birds whose images are drawn in the book, Jumoke's poems will make you soar, though how high you go is left to you. Truly, Jumoke Verissimo is memory.

- Chizitere.

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