Friday, January 27, 2012


Exactly one decade ago, some bombs accidentally discharged at Ikeja military cantonment leading to a massive loss of lives that day. Today marks the 10th year memorial of that sad day. One of my classmates then went missing for two days because she ran to take cover, but ran so far away that she couldn't find her way back home. Another classmate of mine lost her mum that day.

This post is in memory of all those who lost their lives on that faithful day and also to encourage and remind their families that they will never be forgotten.

May the souls of all those who lost their lives that day, as well as the souls of other faithful departed, rest in peace through the mercy of God. Amen.


Hello everyone, how una dey!
So the weekend is here again and I know many of us are warming up for it. Its another Friday and just like the Friday before this one, we'll be clicking our glasses to the weekend.

On today's edition of Cheers to the weekend, we'll be celebrating music. Remember I told you this segment will be about great hang out spots, events and/or music you can enjoy that weekend? Well with the help of a friend of mine, Chudy Ogbuabo, a collection of new releases has been put together for your listening and viewing pleasure. It is with great joy that I also announce to you that Chudy has equally offered to help compile songs for you all to enjoy every week. In other words, Chudy and I have become partners in that area. Yay!!!

Below are the song titles with the links to where you can download them from:

(MUSIC) BasketMouth ~ Where You Dey ft eLDee et Wizkid ~~~>


(VIDEO) Muri Thunder – Kasakasa ft 2face Idibia & Abyhano ~~~>

(VIDEO) Sound Sultan – Temporary Turn Permanent Ft Baba Dee ~~~>

(VIDEO) 2 Face – RAIN DROPS ~~~>

(VIDEO) Chidinma – KEDIKE(HeartBeat) ~~~>


There you have it folks, go right ahead and rock your weekend! I'm definitely going to make mine count.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Hello everyone, I hope your week has been fruitful and blessed so far. My week hasn't been anything much but I'm happy and grateful for the way things have played out so far.

I would like to discuss the issue of divorce, separation and single parenting. I will use hollywood as my case study in this piece because it would afford me a chance to make practical examples.

The news of Seal and Heidi's pending divorce must have grown stale to our ears by now, although a few people are yet to recover from the shock. Seal and Heidi were one couple who looked like they were determined to make their marriage work at all cost. Its sad and somewhat strange for me to understand what might have really caused them to grow apart as they explained in the statement they released concerning the issue. My friend Myne Whitman who is a seasoned romance fiction writer and expert on relationships posted about the issue, highlighting some reason why many couples grow apart. (Here's the link to the post for those who would like to read: )

For a long time now, I have constantly wondered why the percentage of broken marriages have risen to incredible heights in recent times, especially in hollywood. With cases like Marc Anthony and Jenifer Lopez, Brad Pitt and Jenifer Aniston, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore as well as the very controversial Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian, the rest of us are left to wonder if there is really any hope for marriages in hollywood and the world in general. You hear more stories of cheating spouses,irresponsible parents, fighting couples and a host of others. Marriage has grown to become a war zone to many.

We forget or take lightly the fact that the real people affected by these broken relationships are the children. Many of us aren't willing to tolerate our partners as there's lack of forgiveness and tolerance in many relationships these days. People keep searching for the perfect spouses without trying to make themselves perfect enough for that perfect person. Many of us also expect that our relationships would stay rosy forever and we forget that every relationship has its sour points. Even among our family and friends, there are times when our relationship with them hits the down road but after some time it heads back uphill.

There is no doubt however that some relationships and marriages are very sour and cause a lot of hurt for those in the relationships. As much as in some marriages divorce is the only probable solution, there are a few others where seeking help through counselling from a spiritual director or psychologist, mediation and other forms of dispute settlement would help get the marriage back on track. For a few, giving each other some time apart, a romantic outing and some other spontaneous acts might be all you need to get things back on track . Certain problems in relationships do not deserve abrupt termination of the relationship.

I'm worried about the children of the next generation. How they would grow up to interpret these things, what kind of advice we would be able to offer them when they need relationship advice, and all what not. I'm worried that our children may not really understand the principles of tolerance, persistence, faith and sacrifice. I worry that many of them would grow to be so confused. My worries might be wrong anyway but they are still my worries.

With all these said, I urge us all to try to make our choices more carefully. Our lives are definitely ours to live any way we want but every decision we make doesn't only affect us. Those around us have a cross or a crown to reap out of it as well.

Monday, January 23, 2012


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Hello everyone, welcome into the new week! I have something really interesting to share with you today, a unique gift I've never shared with you before.

Today, I'll be sharing a piece from a branch of art that I consider very daring and most challenging. Many of us grew up watching cartoons, reading comic books and stuff like that. It was something most of us really enjoyed at that time and a few still do till date.

The person I'll be introducing to you today is very skilled in that art. I'll be showing off one of his works eventually as well. His name is Kelechi and here's what he has to say about himself;

I was born Kelechi Tochukwu Nkele, last of three kids to Dr and Mrs Chi Nkele. I Spent a lot of my childhood on the move because I was born in portharcourt then my family moved to warri. In Warri, we moved houses thrice before we moved back to Portharcourt. I'm a graduate of Geography from the University of Nigeria. Since I'm the last I grew up as a loner, learning to play on my own and having a deep love for cartoons, comic books and science fiction. I honed my drawing skills copying pictures of popular marvel and DC characters like Spider-man, Superman etc. Embarrassingly I even used to act out my favorite episodes of Jonny quest,Pirates of dark water and stuff. Later on I started collecting comic books of different brands and eras all through high school and university... During my university days I spent my nights creating my own characters, story lines and boards. Currently I'm trying to tie them all in to a single interrelated universe. My major Influences are; Stan lee, Geoff Johns, Alan Moore and peter David.

So folks, now that you've met Kelechi, its time for you to enjoy his work.

For those who had problems seeing the text, here's the story without illustrations:

From left corner; dusk, the children's hour... Some recline, some dream.. Others prepare for a gauntlet of activity; some more provocative than others. While the seemingly respected and fortunate masses hide at home, a few dark denizens stalk the night.... Out about and beneath the stars, our damsel of the damned earns her keep as she lightly sways and twists to the black rhythm alongside others of similar form and grace. The light flickers off, the show's over, doors shut; she gets paid but she's hurting Page two From left corner; The day opens it's eyes and night rims... Morning brings with it's renewed hope and eagerness, unassuming, unsuspecting. No one would notice her transformation from the sexy dancer to the smart looking, beautiful everyday-girl on the morning jog and at the coffee... There's a saying, "'s more blessed to give than to receive"... She pays a unique visit fortnightly to the forgotten progeny.. Judge for yourselves, is she good or is she sent from hell to rip out men's wallets?... Despite her nocturnal escapades, she has a mother's heart... She has to hustle but willingly shares her loot. remember, we're all guilty in some way..
Astro out.

I hope you all enjoyed it!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Hello everyone, hope we're holding up tight.
Today is the last day of the weekend but the week ahead is one that holds great prospects and opportunities for us all. Some of you might already have an idea of how most of your week will play out while some of you have no clue. I just want us to know that no matter how things might be right now, there's always room for hope.

On friday this week, I'll be two weeks old at the hospital I've been staying (Don't get scared, I'm not infirmed or anything like that). I must confess that my stay here has been a very wonderful one and I've been able to learn a lot within the short while I've been here. There are one hundred alternative places I should be right now but I am pleased that my decision to stay here is one I have no regrets about.

So Cheers to the weekend finally got launched on Friday and I also shared an interview with you yesterday. So far, people have expressed very good thoughts and responses to the articles so far and I've felt really encouraged. I'm exteremly grateful for everything and I pray I never lack the inspiration and energy to keep up with the work on this blog.

This post is dedicated to all my readers. Thank you all so much and May God continue to bless you enormously!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Hey people, how's the weekend kicking? Faboulous I hope?
I hope you enjoy the weekend through and through.
So everyone, I'd like to share my interview with someone I consider heavily talented with you. I like to call her Nazy Posh anyway. Lol. Read the interview from the next paragraph.

For what started off as a hobby then a duty to family, Nazy Onwuegbuna has made a big deal out of what most people would have considered as child's play at first. With a flair for making people beautiful at almost any cost, the CEO of "Buzz n Sparkle" is determined to save faces with her art.

(Nazy Onwuegbuna)

This graduate of Geography from the University of Nigeria Nsukka is on a mission to make the world a better place through her art but how she hopes to achieve this is one of her biggest secrets which she'd prefer the world to watch unfold. She however hopes to move makeup artistry to greater heights by developing young minds in the art, making them ambassadors of "Buzz n' Sparkle", then introducing her makeup and hair extension line by the Grace of God.....

"When I see someone who needs a make over I immediately make a mental calculation of what the problem is; an over tweezed eyebrow, breakouts, discolouration and so on. Then I think of how best to achieve an awesome make over for them" says Nazy.

Many who have had their make over done by her testify to the authenticity of her services. With a ton of brides, fashion shows, beauty pagents and celebrities like Vixen of STV in her clientele, Nazy is definitely unstoppable. Below are some of her works:

Nazy believes that beauty supersedes physical looks literally but it emanates from within in the makeup world. She also strongly believes everyone is beautiful so all she does is enhance and redefine it. Catch Nazy on twitter @NazeePosh


Friday, January 20, 2012


The weekend is finally here!!! Whoop! Whoop!!! I'm sure you're very excited about the weekend, especially those who don't get to go to their offices on weekends. As for me, I'm super excited that I get to launch Cheers to the weekend with something juicy today.

Like I said in the post I put up about this segment lastweek, cheers to the weekend will feature great hangout spots and good music that will rock your weekend. I'm launching out with one of the hottest spots in Abuja right now.
(I already started showing off pictures of the place)

It's one of the most amazing lounges in Abuja right now. They've got a well stocked bar with sisha, cocktails and mocktails that will blow your mind while their parties are a blast! The name of the place is "Rozzay lounge".

Rozzay also has karaoke sessions which hold on Sundays and Wednesdays with an after party at the end of each session. They'll be launching their kitchen and wifi in febuary.

There is so much to enjoy and look forward to at Rozzay. In the words of my dear friend Fiz, "Rozzay is a Place of comfort,relaxation and partying and its ambience is one of class and top - notch."
You'll find Rozzay at 44 Gana street,Blinkers Plaza Maitama.
So dear, go make your weekend rock at Rozzay. You'd be grateful you did!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


The weekend is almost here!!! Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!!!! I've been anticipating the weekend all week and I'm happy almost here. I'll be reeling out interesting stuffs from tomorrow till Sunday.

"Cheers to the weekend" will finally be launched tomorrow, some interviews will be published as well as a one of my latest literary works. I'm still trying to decide if it will be a poem or a short story.

There you have it folks, I pray we live through the weekend and enjoy the week ahead with all our hearts!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hello everyone,
I told you I had loads of stuff lined up for you this week right? Well here's the first. I watched a movie last night which really spured my emotions. The movie is titled "EVA". I won't go into details about the movie so go get it if you can. Lol.

I wrote a poem after seeing the movie last night. I haven't written poetry in a while and I totally enjoyed writing this one. Its titled "Darken Truth".
Read here:

Words held close to heart
Words nurtured like wounds.
Words that scald the soul
Words that heal the suffering of souls.

Fortified by anger,
Crushed by compassion.
Slain by lies
Revived by hope.

When a promise becomes a tale,
When a lie stands bold as true
When word of mouth metes pestilence
And listeners die from hearing.

When repetition causes memory to fade
And distrust leaves us wet, lonely and cold.
The torture of a lying friend, lover or sibling.
A torture of enormous filth!


(My new look. You like?)

Hello everyone,
I'm back! Yeah and I came back with a new hair do. This year is about doing wonderful things and enjoying them as well(so I wove my hair which is something I used to hate and I'm staying back in the east for a while). Its not necessarily about doing entirely new things, its about doing things in a better way so I can fall in love with them. I hope someone missed me while I was gone cos I'm grateful to they that did. I'm really sorry for the short break but I promise that I'm back for good now.

The last four days I spent on retreat were exteremely therapeutic for me. Gave me some good space to think, pray and sort out some things in my life. I definitely feel more energised and ready to do handle my responsibilities.

Before I went off last week, I promised that two new segments would be introduced to this blog (Cheers to the weekend and The week in summary). Sadly, none of them was launched before I set out on my break but I promise to make up for the lost time. However, the segment "The week in summary" will no longer hold as planned. I took time to consult and decided it would be better to just say what I know when I can. This is not a news blog so I don't necessarily have to post news updates but I'm free to blog about issues and still share some news lightly.

On that note, "The week in summary" is cancelled out as an independent segment but I'll try to keep you informed on happenings from time to time. "Cheers to the weekend" will run as planned anyway. I have so much packed for you this week so stay tuned and enjoy!

The unveiling begins tonight....

Friday, January 13, 2012


Hello everyone, hope your week has been good so far.

I'm writing to appologise to you guys that I might not be able to blog this weekend. I just lost a close reletive tonight and I'll be going on a retreat from tomorrow. I promise to be back in full force from next week, by God's grace. I wish you all the best in the week ahead

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Over the past few days, the fuel subsidy removal issue has sustained its controversial nature. Protests across the country have continued as the government stil struggles to maintain its stand on the issue. The Senate having sat over the matter on differnt occasions has finaly come to a conclusion and instructed that the president suspends the subsidy removal till April.

Nigerians have however hit the streets and social network media to express themselves on the issue. While many continue to term the protests against the subsidy removal as peaceful, a few others have decided to convert the opportunity to steal and commit acts of violence against innocent citizens. The police in their bane to curb the protests have taken to shooting and other forms of illegal acts/killings.

Lives have been lost as well as properties while many poor people whose livelyhood depends on their daily earnings have been forced to fight and starve.

The history of protests against petroleum price increase in Nigeria has shown that no good has ever resulted from protests. In the past as well as today, these protests have only led to unneccesary blood shed, lawlessness and pressure on government decision which eventualy causes them to make hasty decisions that are usualy not in our good interest.

Protests are not entirely bad as long as the reason for which they are embarked on is good and in the interst of what will benefit the masses but prolong protests such as what we plan to have in Nigeria will reap no sensible friuts. The poor we fight for will suffer more from the strike as many of them hardly have enough money to feed for a day, let alone an entire week or longer. Many of these people depend on their daily income which they don't get when the entire nation is on strike.

Security wise as well, it will harm us to stay at home on strike and wait for our government to agree to our demands while those of us who expose ourselves to these protest put ourselves in harm's way as well.

With this said, here is what I suggest as a more rational approach to our present situation.

The government should heed the voice of the people and the advice of the senate and suspend this fuel subsidy removal for the time being so stability can return to the nation.

Government should then enter into negotiations with NLC and other organized groups that would represent different sectors/categories of Nigerians. During these negotiations, the true interest of Nigerians must be protected as it would serve as an organised forum for the government to understand why Nigerians would not agree with them on the issue of subsidy removal and what we would have them do instead. Alternative measures and ideas should be suggested at these meetings as well. Reprentatives should make sure that they concentrate on the real reason they are at these meetings and not allow themselves to be bought over by the government.

While the subsidy removal remains suspended till further notice, the measures that the government has previously agreed upon to serve as cushioning effect to help Nigerian's economy stay fairly stable irrespective of the price of petroleum products, should be embarked upon. This will help Nigerians access the progress of the government and help the government win the trust of its citizens.

The three suggestions I have made above will help solve our probelms better than the measures we are taking now will. The truth is that, the removal of the subsidy on petrolem products will definitely instigate developement in our economy and eradicate one of government's (as well as some individuals) biggest avenue of loothing over the years. The removal of this subsidy will definitely create more jobs and increase efficiency in our industries as long as the government stays true to implementing the policies that will help spur these improvement but they must ensure that this move of subsidy removal is made at the right time and with proper measures taken.

I hope and pray that the present crisis sparked by these prtotests will end and serious negotiations and meetings will begin so that reasonable progress can be made in our country Nigeria.

I therefore summarize by saying, strikes and protest will only further complicate the problems of Nigerians just as government refusing to go back on their decision for a while will lead to more instability in my opinion. It is only punishment to help a man who has no idea what good your help is to him. Let us set our hearts to make neccesary (positive) sacrifices for our country to progress.


Hello everyone, its me! (Yeah of course, who else would it be? Lol). Well I have news for you all and its good news actually.

I took the last two days off to brainstorm on some new ideas, write ups and prepare for the next phase of my year. My family's long christmas vacation ends tomorrow and the rest of my family woulbe headed back to the city. I'll be staying back in my village for a couple of days or months, (not sure which yet) to prepare for a couple of exams that I have this year and to work on a novel. I pray I get to finish my story this time.

This week has been quite emotional for me as I've been battling with myself over how much I'll miss my family while I stay back here working. Its always a huge emotional tussle for me whenever I have to leave home for school or any reason at all.
Anyway, I'll get over it eventually so over to my big news.

I'll be introducing two new corners on my blog this weekend. One of them titled "Cheers to the weekend" will be launched on Friday while the other titled "The week in summary" will be launched on saturday.

"Cheers to the weekend" will feature great hangout spots where you can relax that weekend, events stated to hold that weekend, new songs as well as general tips on how you can make that weekend fun for yourself. This corner will run at least once every month on Fridays.

"The week in summary" will feature a general review of the week. Stuff that made headlines, news, gist and gossip from the week and many more. This corner will run weekly on saturday. I'm positive that you'd enjoy them once I start.

I promised myself that I'd be more dedicated to my blog this year and for what I can say, so far so good! I pray God sustains my energy and helps me so I never get to starve you of my write ups any more. I hope this is great news for you as much as it is for me anyway because I've been excited about it since yesterday.


On a final note I'll like to say a big congratulations to My Alma mater, Louisville girls high school Ijebu Itele as she celebrates her 14th anniversary today. I owe a large chunk of gratitude to my principal and teachers there for the formation they gave me. Louisville Girls high school is definitely one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria. I'd also like to congratulate Jay Z and Beyonce on the birth of their baby. God is indeed awesome and merciful.

(Raising women of integrity since 11th January 1998)

Sunday, January 8, 2012


I got an idea to start a new corner on my blog. I decided to name the corner Erimeri which is a word in my language, igbo. The word translates into enjoyment or feast in English language. In this corner I would feature different dishes, teaching you how to prepare them. This corner will be featured at least once every quater.

I'll be launching the corner today with the sumptuous meal of Coconut white rice with Shreded Chicken sauce and vegetables. I prepared this meal on easter day 2011 and my family really enjoyed it. Coconut white rice with shreded chicken sauce is not difficult to prepare at all and it is one very balanced diet.

To prepare Coconut white rice with shreded chicken sauce and vegetables, the following ingridents are important
Spring onions,
Green peper,
Peper and
Those ingridents are only basic as you can mix your desired vegetable combination. As soon as you have your ingridents ready, cooking this dish would involve the following steps:
Grate and extract the milk from your coconut. This can be done by soaking the grated coconut in lukewarm water for some seconds then squeez and seive the content to separate the liquid from the chaff.
Once the milk is ready, pour it into the pot you want to cook the rice with and boil the rice with the milk. You can use normal clean water to make up for the rest of the rice's water requirement. I usually sprinkle some of the coconut chaff on the rice so that the norishment in the chaff is not totally also serves as garnishing for the rice.
Once the rice is ready, the next thing is the cooking and shreding of the chicken.season your chicken and allow it cook till it is done. After that, slice the chicken into your desired shapes.
Next is the sauce. For the sauce, you'd need your chicken stock. I usually prefer to used the chicken stock and a little water without any extra oil. The chicken stock contains enough fat/oil. Your vegetables should also be chopped into your desired shapes then pour them in one at a time, starting with the tough ones like carrot. Allow them cook a little before you add your shreaded chicken. It is important to ensure that the vegetables are not over cooked, else the vitamins in them become useless. The vegetables should not be allowed to cook for more than 7minutes.

Once your chicken is in the sauce and your rice is ready, you have your meal of coconut white rice with shreaded chicken sauce and vegetables ready! This is an easy and straight foward method with which you can improvise with condiments you have around you and prepare something you can enjoy.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

"2012 CUSTOMS"

The new year is already seven days old yet some of us haven't gotten a hang of it. I called a friend to wish him a happy new year a couple of days ago and he wasn't enthusiastic about the new year at all. Another friend said she was confused about how to go about this year so she didn't bother with any new resolutions.

While a few of us are confused and unenthusiastic about this year, a few others are excited about it and living it up as much as they can. Although things in Nigeria might not look or feel friendly at this time, I'd like to encourage everyone to embrace this new year with hope and optimism.

I thought it would be a good idea to share a few traditions of mine which I have adopted over the years to help me settle well into every new year.

The foremost is prayer. Those who appreciate God, know that the power of prayer cannot be overemphasised. Committing my year to God helps prepare me to face the year. There's no feeling that beats that peaceful feeling that comes after praying.

Another routine I compulsorily perform is re-organisation. This isn't about being disorganised, it's about changing the look of things a little so you can get a new outlook to things. Re-organising helps me view things differently, see the mistakes I might have made previously and learn new ways to handle them. Re-organising or redecorating your home, office or any kind of space has a magical way of getting one set for the tasks ahead.

My third fetish is shopping and its usually the fun part. Shopping for accessories, clothes and even books help fuel my energy for the new year. The joy of having new stuff pumps my adrenaline nicely. Don't get me wrong anyway, I'm not saying you necessarily have to change your entire wardrobe or collection o. All I'm saying is that a few new items would help improve your perspective on the new year.

The fourth is food. I love food and there's no denying that good food helps with mood swings generally. I always start my new year with my most craved dish. If its not something I can cook, I buy it. It's grand to start my year with a good treat.

Most people believe that every new year presents new opportunities and it is important that we prepare ourselves to embrace and expolore them. Form traditions for yourself and try your best to keep to them every year. They can be anything; a new book, a new dress, a new apartment, a grand feast, anything! There is no limit to what you can do, as long as it helps get you ready to enjoy the new year.

Resolutions are not compulsory in my opinion because some of us make tons of them and before new year day is spent we find out we have broken most of them and we feel devastated. Rather than task yourself with promises that you end up breaking, adopt other habits that will help you handle work better through the year.

I wish everyone a happy and fruitful year ahead and I look foward to sharing many testimonies and great stories with you this year. It is going to be a wonderful year.

Friday, January 6, 2012


Nigeria's dance queen and Guiness world record holder, Kaffy christened her new born son on wednesday 4th Jan 2012 at her residence in Ajah, Lagos. He has been named Kamal Sean Oluwatosin Ameh. Congratulations to her and her family!


Yesterday 5th December 2012, the blogger behind, with the Blush Nigeria beauty brand held a wonderful networking event for bloggers at the Blush saloon, Tiamiyu Savage Street, VI. It was an exciting evening for both bloggers and non bloggers alike. Unfortunately, I didn't get to attend but I got a few pictures from the event. Pictures below;

(Dami, Noble and his cousin at the event)

(Some bloggers at the event)

(Yes, bloggers eat too. :D)

Those are the few pictures I was able to get uy can visit for more. I hope there'll be another edition and I'd attend.