Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hello everyone, its me! (Yeah of course, who else would it be? Lol). Well I have news for you all and its good news actually.

I took the last two days off to brainstorm on some new ideas, write ups and prepare for the next phase of my year. My family's long christmas vacation ends tomorrow and the rest of my family woulbe headed back to the city. I'll be staying back in my village for a couple of days or months, (not sure which yet) to prepare for a couple of exams that I have this year and to work on a novel. I pray I get to finish my story this time.

This week has been quite emotional for me as I've been battling with myself over how much I'll miss my family while I stay back here working. Its always a huge emotional tussle for me whenever I have to leave home for school or any reason at all.
Anyway, I'll get over it eventually so over to my big news.

I'll be introducing two new corners on my blog this weekend. One of them titled "Cheers to the weekend" will be launched on Friday while the other titled "The week in summary" will be launched on saturday.

"Cheers to the weekend" will feature great hangout spots where you can relax that weekend, events stated to hold that weekend, new songs as well as general tips on how you can make that weekend fun for yourself. This corner will run at least once every month on Fridays.

"The week in summary" will feature a general review of the week. Stuff that made headlines, news, gist and gossip from the week and many more. This corner will run weekly on saturday. I'm positive that you'd enjoy them once I start.

I promised myself that I'd be more dedicated to my blog this year and for what I can say, so far so good! I pray God sustains my energy and helps me so I never get to starve you of my write ups any more. I hope this is great news for you as much as it is for me anyway because I've been excited about it since yesterday.


On a final note I'll like to say a big congratulations to My Alma mater, Louisville girls high school Ijebu Itele as she celebrates her 14th anniversary today. I owe a large chunk of gratitude to my principal and teachers there for the formation they gave me. Louisville Girls high school is definitely one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria. I'd also like to congratulate Jay Z and Beyonce on the birth of their baby. God is indeed awesome and merciful.

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