Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Spittle on ice

The rattle of snakes in freezing water.

Brittle fire

The scalding burn of fury.

Brave betrayal

The cold tears of a broken heart.

Dicey stings

The unfortunate loss.

Loyalty is scorned.

Loyalty is valueless.

Loyalty is a waste.

Loyalty achieves nothing.

Love conquers joy.

Love causing pain.

Love, the curse.

Love changing nothing for better.

Patience, destructive.

Patience, vice.

Patience, un appreciated.

Patience, useless.

Hate, impossible.

Hate, non-existent.

Hate, improbable.

Hate, wishful thinking.

Scorned human

The bashing of water droplets.

Angry leaves

The careful slicing through of wind.

Cold rejection

The happy flies flee.

Brave somersaults

The scampering away of blood lust.



  1. "...bashing of water droplets..." ! WORDS!! RIP Peace. RIP Innocence.

  2. Chizi. whats happening? Hav waited and waited and waited and....


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