Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sucide Note

Her dead body was found on the kitchen floor, soaked in a pool of her blood. On the kitchen slab, a note was also found. It read,
"I took you in with open arms
and stuck you in the centre of my heart.
We believed what we had was good
and truly it was".

Ten days earlier.

You: i have two days left.

Her: i know babe, please hold on for me.

You: can i do that? My energy is far spent.

Her: be strong my love, be strong.

You: *too tired to speak so you nod and look away*.

Next day (in the phsychologist's office).

You: i'm very weak Doc, i can hardly breath.

Doc: i understand my dear but i know you can hang on a little longer.

You: i wish i could Doc, but i feel dead already. I'm tired of pretending!

Doc: the lawyer will soon be here with the papers. Are you sure you want to do this to her?

You: Daniel is waiting in the car for me. He has endured and hung on for too long already. I'm sorry i'm doing this to her.

Her: *walks in looking pale and sad* so you're still going to leave me? What did i do wrong.

You: you did nothing wrong. I've been bisexual since we've been married. I realised i was really gay when i met Daniel. I'm tired of decieving everyone. I miss his fine body eveytime we're not together. I love Daniel a lot.

Her: so you've been cheating on me and lying that you loved me?

(lawyer walks in with the documents in a white file folder).

You: *read through the documents and sign*

Her: *reads through and signs*

You: thank you very much doc, *waves to the lawyer, pats her (his ex-wife) on the shoulder and walks out to meet Daniel in the car*

(she looks out the window and tears roll down her cheeks when she sees you both talk, laugh, stroke yourselves and start kissing).

The Familiar Stranger.

I am your one true friend.
The only friend who waits
patiently and faithfully.
Watching all your pain and gain.

I am your one true friend.
The only one who keeps coming
over and over, not minding
how much your family hates me.

I am your one true friend.
The only one who takes you in the end.
The only one you rest
with in peace.
The only one everyone cries for.

Why have you despised me?
Everyone sees me as the enemy.
Everyone thinks of me as cold and dark,
Everyone hates me.

I am your one true friend.
Yet everyone forbids my name,
and dreads my arrival.

I am your one true friend.
True to my promise
which i keep no matter what.

I am your one true friend.
The compulsory end that greets every being.
The only reason you
have funerals and cemetaries.

I am not your enemy.
I am one of the few names
no amnesia can erase.

My name is death but
i wont come to you
till the right time comes.
(whispers)fear not...

Stretched Mark.

Say it again.
Don't just say it.
Say it and mean it.
Like it was in the begining.

The days of our love's youth,
when we had so much to talk about,
so much to laugh about.
So much to enjoy each other's company for.

I fear what we are now.
I hate what we've become.
And the worst is, you have no idea.

You cringe when i hold you.
Back out when i kiss you.
Avoid my eyes when we i seek you.

Do i bore you?
What's wrong?
Tell me.
I want my wife back.

Bring her back.
I see now, i know too
I know i treated you bad before
I'm different now.
Don't pay me back.
I look back now and i see it.

I see how insensitive i was.
I see how selfish i was.
I didn't see the woman in this human.

A woman with needs.
A human with emotions.
A partner in need of love and care.
A woman who gave me all she gave no one else.

I know all that now.
I understand your anger.
Don't play me back.
Lets settle this.


As i sprinkle these grains of sand,
on your closed casket from where i stand,
i spit on your grave.

I curse you deeply with words
that bear my pain.

For those mornings, evenings and nights.
They passed on painfully while time moved on
selfishly, paying no heed to my pain.

Time ignored me.
Time healed me.
Time was what i held on to.

On those damp nights.
Do you remember?
I was only eight years old.
Have you forgotten?
Already? Ha.

Remember when you tore me wider.
Poking in and out of me,
between my soft innocent thighs.

I wailed.
You moaned.
I screamed.
You smiled.
My bitter pain.
Your sweet relief.

My body knew you as
mine for eight years.
I became your sperm deposit bank.
I was your available body.
Overpowerable and submissive.
I endured and enjoyed your passion.

My young body knew you.
All of you and none other.
You took me against my will.
Was i to love you?
No way.

Revenge is sweet my darling.
I'm happy i got mine.

Dear enemy of my linage,
please rot in hell.