Sunday, September 30, 2012


Imagine, One Topic; 1000 Expressions; 1000 Write-ups; 1000 Views; 1000 YOUTHS 1000Voices being heard? Well, imagine no more because the opportunity is here.

 In line with Coloured Life Initiative's bid to inspire positive living and expression in Nigerian youths, Coloured Life Initiative is bringing forth a forum called A1000Voices.

 A1000Voices is a writing project for youths and as the name implies, 1000 youths are expected to write in on the topic that will be given. The aim is to find out what youths think of certain issues.

 Hundred of the best articles will be published in a book in January but a certain flair exclusive to the youth is expected in the write-ups. The debut edition of A1000Voices will commence on October 1st 2012.

 A lone voice conotes limitation to the horizon and expectations, and restriction on capabilities. Hence, a thousand voices with no sense of limits and a fixed gaze on the future write on a topic. The opinions of a thousand youths on a given issue shall resound. A thousand voices will echo on paper A memorable platform via this rare opportunity afforded by The Coloured Life Initiative for a thousand youths to air their views in ink. From a thousand, hundred articles shall be compiled and published in a compendium come January.

 How do you think? What do you (have to) say? A thousand voices...a million words....will yours be among? Never before has there been such a written sound!

Friday, September 28, 2012


In January 2012, a new revolution for Enugu started off on twitter. A twitter profile called Connect Enugu became registered and begun to offer informative services about Enugu to people. Nine months on, what started off as a twitter profile has grown into a brand, one that people in and outside enugu have become familar with.

 Everyone wonders who is the brain behind this genius idea and we'll never stop wondering. The good news right now is that, Connect Enugu will finally be launching her website on 1st October 2012 and she'll be doing it in grand style. Brace yourselves for the unveiling of the future.

 Information they say is Power. An uninformed fellow is a powerless fellow. Connect Enugu has decided to save the day and put power into the hands of the whole Enugu.

 Connect Enugu is an Initiative for people in, around and entering Enugu to interact, socialise and stay informed on Everything about everything in Enugu. Connect Enugu Uses Social activities and the media to achieve this Purpose through News, Articles and lots more. @ConnectEnugu [Followers 1200 plus] on Twitter and Facebook. [134 Likes and counting]

 On the First of October, as Nigeria will be celebrating her 52nd year as a free country, Enugu will be celebrating the birth of the future. Join the Movement. #FF @ConnectEnugu launches on the First of October 2012. Spread the news.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Hello, everyone how are you? The past days have been lovely and I hope we've all been learning and growing in Good measure. Today, I'll be sharing information about an NGO named Coloured Life Initiative. I was privileged to meet their Coordinator, whom I found totally fascinating. The young man has so much zeal and energy and you know how happy I feel when I meet such people. Well, CLI will be launching out with a couple of programs next month; 1000Voices (A literary competition for young people) and GREEN WHITE GREEN: More than just colours. The programs are in line with their intentions to empower and educate young people. Here is a brief insight to what the organization is about.
ABOUT COLOURED LIFE INITIATIVE: The Coloured Life Initiative is a youth based initiative aimed toward encouraging an all round positive lifestyle for the Nigerian youth. It is geared towards creating a balance between the exuberant, fun-filled life that youths are drawn to and the responsible, value-filled life that the society needs them to lead. The term "Coloured" was often used in referring to the black Americans in the late 19th and mid 20th Centuries. What most people fail to recognise is that these blacks were extremely hard working and it was upon this hard work that the success of the western world was built. Apart from these,the "Coloured" people were also responsible for the evolution of Hip Hop,which is the most popular genre of music today as well as a range of other music genres such as Afro. Thus, The Coloured Life for a youth represents a wholesome life of hard work and responsibility as well as ability to have fun as that is a part of youth. Be Good,Be Youth. The Coloured Life Initiative Team is comprised of RESPONSIBLE,VALUE MINDED young people who are not afraid to have fun cos they are also youths. Spreading the word that being a youth is not just about fun nor is it just about academics,but both in the right amounts can COLOUR up your life The initiative will be bringing up projects such as "A THOUSAND VOICES" which will commence in October as well as "THE COLOUR MARCH" which will be held in December of this year (12:12:12). Join the Coloured Life Movement today, go to

Friday, September 21, 2012


I stumbled upon this interesting short story on Facebook and I thought it would be nice to share. I'll skip plenty talk and allow you read it. I got really emotional after reading it. but UNCLE was her friend....... by Laide 'exschoolnerd' Olabode If u were abused as a child there are two ways(or maybe more) that u react.... u either really like sex, become promiscuous or really hate it because it reminds you of a time that u’d rather not remember. Mr George was her friend, she was just 10....he was also her mother’s brother, her uncle he had been living with them for as long as she could remember. Uncle George was young,strong, confident, very good looking, a player,he had alot of girlfriends. He was also her best friend, he took her everywhere , showered her with gifts, nobody could lay a hand on her for fear of Uncle George. He’d often take her out to visit his girlfriends or to buy clothes..anything to put a smile on her face. She trusted him, Uncle will never let anything happen to me she thought...Uncle loves me. Uncle is my best friend. She loved him so much. One day, Uncle introduced something else into their perfect relationship. He led her upstairs to her room, while her brothers argued downstairs engrossed in a video game they were playing, oblivious of what was happening or was going to happen. He told her to sit down and then he locked the door. She had no idea what was going on, maybe uncle just wanted them to stay here...maybe he ju
st wanted to do all those silly faces and tell all those stories that made her laugh. Uncle told her to lie on the bed, its Uncle so she did, she had no idea what was happening...maybe Uncle wanted to play a game. Uncle put his hand up her skirt, she didn’t know what/how to feel. He was her Uncle, her bestfriend, this is probably okay, she was 10,what did she know, he would never hurt her, she didn’t know. This was Uncle He touched her in places no one else had ever touched....he put his mouth all over her body... but this is Uncle...Uncle cant hurt me. He gave her a jar of Vaseline and told her to rub it all over his privates. ..but this is Uncle my bestfriend.... she had no idea what she was it would affect her for the rest of her life.... right then and there she was just doing everything to please Uncle. Uncle did alot of things to please her before, he bought her things, took her she’s doing something for Uncle. They are just playing, innocent play play Uncle did this for the next three years until he left. Uncle has gone..but the memories never leave. Uncle’s actions led her on a long search for love...when she was old enough to realise what uncle did she broke down. Not Uncle, not the person i loved and trusted. Uncle’s actions messed with her head, messed with her relationships, she went looking for love in all the wrong places and on all the wrong faces. Uncle made her believe sex was a way to make someone like you..but it wasn’ she liked all the wrong people, who treated her badly....she had such disdain for intimacy and sex....and would only do it to please a man...that’s what Uncle made her believe. Uncle still calls her once in a while...but Uncle acts like nothing is he didn’t do anything... like he hasn’t in some way. How do u get over being molested/abused by the one person you loved/trusted....that one action that led to so many bad decisions,hurt,rejection,pain... Uncle was supposed to be her friend. How can a friend hurt you like tha

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Hey everyone, today is an exciting day for me! Its my Mum's 45th birthday and I'm overwhelmed with joy! My schedule is very tight but I just have to come online and dedicate this blog post to her today.

I'm not saying this because she's my mum but everyone that has met my mum knows how much of a grand person she is. Her words are always packed with love and wisdom and no advice she has ever given me has ever led me astray. She's the best cook I know, the most creative person I've met and the best friend and mother anyone can have. My father is a blessed man and I worship God most high for the privilege of having her as a mum. May God bless her mightily today and always, amen!

I hope everyone's having a lovely week, because I surely am enjoying the week to its fullest already. Have a lovely day everyone, Happy happy birthday to my Mommy!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012


I'm one of those people you can call a keeper. I can keep a preserve a piece of clothing, accessory, present, almost anything for years. Although most of it is because I get emotionally attached to things because they remind me of one experience, person or period of time amongst other excuses. Lol.

During the week, I decided to play around with some of my old clothes and stuff that other people would have discarded by now, but what started off as a jobless person's mess turned around to a blog post I've been so excited about. I styled my younger sister, combining some of my old pieces to create a trendy look. I also did her make up. Hehehe.

Model: Uchechi Ojiaka.
Make up and Styling: Chizitere Ojiaka.
Creative contributor: Makuochi Okafor.
See pictures after this paragraph:

In the pictures above, she's wearing a skirt up to her chest to make it look like a boob-tube dress and the belt over tummy helps step up the look of the dress. I paired it with a jacket to lift the outfit.

These next set were done with an African theme in mind. I decided to blend our ankara with our conventional outfits. My friend Makuochi who is very creative advised me on this.

So what do you think about my "Ashes to gold collection"? Although I'm not looking to taking up fashion or photography or any of those professionally and I'm just working my creativity, I hope these pieces are good enough at least. :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012



When u take a look at your wardrobe what do u see? Do you see timeless pieces you can wear in the next 5 year? Or do you see trendy outfits that soon become a NO NO within a very short period of time?

It's important for you to know that your style is what sets u apart from other fashion lovers. It defines you anywhere before you make an actual self introduction. It is important therefore to have a wardrobe that is versatile,classic and of Good quality of course.
As a lady there are important clothing items and accessories that one MUST have to achieve a perfect style.
These items include;

1)LBD (Little Black Dress): Trust me an LBD can never go wrong. Be it from work to any cocktail party it can suit almost any occasion. The secret to achieving that perfect look with an LBD is knowing your body type and getting one that flatters your body.

2) White shirt(crisp): You could tuck it in or wear it casually depending on the look one wants to achieve. A good white shirt goes with everything from pants to jeans to skirts and even shorts.

3) Knee length black skirt: this could be transformed from work to casual with the right accessories.

4) Black Blazer: as far as blazers are concerned, it is imperative for you to know your body type as to get the best constructive blazer to suit your body. A black blazer could be worn over a dress, jumpsuit, jeans and even shorts.

5) Black plain trouser: A must have piece of clothing.

6) Leather handbag(Black)

7) Black pumps: From work to parties this is an essential accessory for any lady

8) Pearls: Truth is, to get an original one of these could cost a fortune but the great news is you could borrow from your mother or granny any time because they never grow out of fashion. A pearl necklace could be paired with a diamond stud to achieve a classy look.


Hey people, how have you been? Its been a while since my last post and so much has gone on within that time. Like the topic of this post suggests, I've come back better! I played around with photography (just for fun o) and you'll be seeing the resulting pictures on this post.

This week I'll be featuring two fashion articles. One was done by a lovely friend of mine, while the other was done by yours truly, ME!!!! Hehehe. I'm done with the photo shoot already so I'm editing the pictures right now. Its been an amazing experience and I've really surprised myself lately. Its my first attempt at fashion so please when the post comes up, do show me some love!

The first fashion article I'll be featuring is titled "Simply Classic" and it was written and organized by my friend, Jome Vowa who is a model and extremely creative fashionista. For fashion novices like me, Jome's tips will come in very handy and they are easy to reproduce.

The second article is titled "Turning ashes to gold". I won't say much about this piece so you'll all have to wait till tomorrow, to see it. But the pictures on this post are a sneak peek at what you'll see tomorrow. Stay tuned people, because courageous fingers just got fiercer!