Wednesday, September 12, 2012



When u take a look at your wardrobe what do u see? Do you see timeless pieces you can wear in the next 5 year? Or do you see trendy outfits that soon become a NO NO within a very short period of time?

It's important for you to know that your style is what sets u apart from other fashion lovers. It defines you anywhere before you make an actual self introduction. It is important therefore to have a wardrobe that is versatile,classic and of Good quality of course.
As a lady there are important clothing items and accessories that one MUST have to achieve a perfect style.
These items include;

1)LBD (Little Black Dress): Trust me an LBD can never go wrong. Be it from work to any cocktail party it can suit almost any occasion. The secret to achieving that perfect look with an LBD is knowing your body type and getting one that flatters your body.

2) White shirt(crisp): You could tuck it in or wear it casually depending on the look one wants to achieve. A good white shirt goes with everything from pants to jeans to skirts and even shorts.

3) Knee length black skirt: this could be transformed from work to casual with the right accessories.

4) Black Blazer: as far as blazers are concerned, it is imperative for you to know your body type as to get the best constructive blazer to suit your body. A black blazer could be worn over a dress, jumpsuit, jeans and even shorts.

5) Black plain trouser: A must have piece of clothing.

6) Leather handbag(Black)

7) Black pumps: From work to parties this is an essential accessory for any lady

8) Pearls: Truth is, to get an original one of these could cost a fortune but the great news is you could borrow from your mother or granny any time because they never grow out of fashion. A pearl necklace could be paired with a diamond stud to achieve a classy look.


  1. Jome just preached the gospel. Lovely blazer up there Jome.

  2. Wow, dats lovely, ur lbg and d blazers r so on point wit great light on fashion and way of life....

  3. Why borrow pearls that you don't have? I am of the opinion that if you don't have it then make do with the one you do have.
    Lovely tips though. I love the blazer!

  4. Beautiful!!!!, a lot of lesson 2 learn frm ur write up, its rilli apr8ed. Must nt forget 2 apr8 ur look and d way u carry ursef on those photos dats so awesome....

  5. I love her shoes Mehn.....and dat Blazer is jst....ON POINT

  6. Thanks, everyone. I'm glad you're all feeling her piece as much as I am. Jome rocks major!

  7. Who is that stuck up anonymous person? What's wrong with borrowing when you don't have? Mschewwwwww people just love being unnecessarily caged. Abeg ladies if you don't have it borrow it. If they won't give you STEAL it... Hehe *winks* Go jome.

  8. now thats ma sister.... you rock gal


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