Sunday, September 30, 2012


Imagine, One Topic; 1000 Expressions; 1000 Write-ups; 1000 Views; 1000 YOUTHS 1000Voices being heard? Well, imagine no more because the opportunity is here.

 In line with Coloured Life Initiative's bid to inspire positive living and expression in Nigerian youths, Coloured Life Initiative is bringing forth a forum called A1000Voices.

 A1000Voices is a writing project for youths and as the name implies, 1000 youths are expected to write in on the topic that will be given. The aim is to find out what youths think of certain issues.

 Hundred of the best articles will be published in a book in January but a certain flair exclusive to the youth is expected in the write-ups. The debut edition of A1000Voices will commence on October 1st 2012.

 A lone voice conotes limitation to the horizon and expectations, and restriction on capabilities. Hence, a thousand voices with no sense of limits and a fixed gaze on the future write on a topic. The opinions of a thousand youths on a given issue shall resound. A thousand voices will echo on paper A memorable platform via this rare opportunity afforded by The Coloured Life Initiative for a thousand youths to air their views in ink. From a thousand, hundred articles shall be compiled and published in a compendium come January.

 How do you think? What do you (have to) say? A thousand voices...a million words....will yours be among? Never before has there been such a written sound!

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