Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stretched Mark.

Say it again.
Don't just say it.
Say it and mean it.
Like it was in the begining.

The days of our love's youth,
when we had so much to talk about,
so much to laugh about.
So much to enjoy each other's company for.

I fear what we are now.
I hate what we've become.
And the worst is, you have no idea.

You cringe when i hold you.
Back out when i kiss you.
Avoid my eyes when we i seek you.

Do i bore you?
What's wrong?
Tell me.
I want my wife back.

Bring her back.
I see now, i know too
I know i treated you bad before
I'm different now.
Don't pay me back.
I look back now and i see it.

I see how insensitive i was.
I see how selfish i was.
I didn't see the woman in this human.

A woman with needs.
A human with emotions.
A partner in need of love and care.
A woman who gave me all she gave no one else.

I know all that now.
I understand your anger.
Don't play me back.
Lets settle this.

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