Tuesday, April 27, 2010


As i sprinkle these grains of sand,
on your closed casket from where i stand,
i spit on your grave.

I curse you deeply with words
that bear my pain.

For those mornings, evenings and nights.
They passed on painfully while time moved on
selfishly, paying no heed to my pain.

Time ignored me.
Time healed me.
Time was what i held on to.

On those damp nights.
Do you remember?
I was only eight years old.
Have you forgotten?
Already? Ha.

Remember when you tore me wider.
Poking in and out of me,
between my soft innocent thighs.

I wailed.
You moaned.
I screamed.
You smiled.
My bitter pain.
Your sweet relief.

My body knew you as
mine for eight years.
I became your sperm deposit bank.
I was your available body.
Overpowerable and submissive.
I endured and enjoyed your passion.

My young body knew you.
All of you and none other.
You took me against my will.
Was i to love you?
No way.

Revenge is sweet my darling.
I'm happy i got mine.

Dear enemy of my linage,
please rot in hell.

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