Sunday, January 22, 2012


Hello everyone, hope we're holding up tight.
Today is the last day of the weekend but the week ahead is one that holds great prospects and opportunities for us all. Some of you might already have an idea of how most of your week will play out while some of you have no clue. I just want us to know that no matter how things might be right now, there's always room for hope.

On friday this week, I'll be two weeks old at the hospital I've been staying (Don't get scared, I'm not infirmed or anything like that). I must confess that my stay here has been a very wonderful one and I've been able to learn a lot within the short while I've been here. There are one hundred alternative places I should be right now but I am pleased that my decision to stay here is one I have no regrets about.

So Cheers to the weekend finally got launched on Friday and I also shared an interview with you yesterday. So far, people have expressed very good thoughts and responses to the articles so far and I've felt really encouraged. I'm exteremly grateful for everything and I pray I never lack the inspiration and energy to keep up with the work on this blog.

This post is dedicated to all my readers. Thank you all so much and May God continue to bless you enormously!

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