Saturday, January 21, 2012


Hey people, how's the weekend kicking? Faboulous I hope?
I hope you enjoy the weekend through and through.
So everyone, I'd like to share my interview with someone I consider heavily talented with you. I like to call her Nazy Posh anyway. Lol. Read the interview from the next paragraph.

For what started off as a hobby then a duty to family, Nazy Onwuegbuna has made a big deal out of what most people would have considered as child's play at first. With a flair for making people beautiful at almost any cost, the CEO of "Buzz n Sparkle" is determined to save faces with her art.

(Nazy Onwuegbuna)

This graduate of Geography from the University of Nigeria Nsukka is on a mission to make the world a better place through her art but how she hopes to achieve this is one of her biggest secrets which she'd prefer the world to watch unfold. She however hopes to move makeup artistry to greater heights by developing young minds in the art, making them ambassadors of "Buzz n' Sparkle", then introducing her makeup and hair extension line by the Grace of God.....

"When I see someone who needs a make over I immediately make a mental calculation of what the problem is; an over tweezed eyebrow, breakouts, discolouration and so on. Then I think of how best to achieve an awesome make over for them" says Nazy.

Many who have had their make over done by her testify to the authenticity of her services. With a ton of brides, fashion shows, beauty pagents and celebrities like Vixen of STV in her clientele, Nazy is definitely unstoppable. Below are some of her works:

Nazy believes that beauty supersedes physical looks literally but it emanates from within in the makeup world. She also strongly believes everyone is beautiful so all she does is enhance and redefine it. Catch Nazy on twitter @NazeePosh



  1. Wow...dis is rlly lovely..keep it up @nazeeposh

  2. mrs onwegbuna the 4th...January 21, 2012 at 9:09 AM

    Heyyyy little sis, how are are u doing, sup with the site?

  3. this is really cool and wonderful, keep it up, keep it flying high, all the best nazee

  4. wow, nice, very nice

  5. Hmmm my frnd,myfrnd I see u r living up 2 ur dream,may our Gud Lord strengthen ♌ uplift u as u push on. I am proud of u.


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