Monday, January 23, 2012


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Hello everyone, welcome into the new week! I have something really interesting to share with you today, a unique gift I've never shared with you before.

Today, I'll be sharing a piece from a branch of art that I consider very daring and most challenging. Many of us grew up watching cartoons, reading comic books and stuff like that. It was something most of us really enjoyed at that time and a few still do till date.

The person I'll be introducing to you today is very skilled in that art. I'll be showing off one of his works eventually as well. His name is Kelechi and here's what he has to say about himself;

I was born Kelechi Tochukwu Nkele, last of three kids to Dr and Mrs Chi Nkele. I Spent a lot of my childhood on the move because I was born in portharcourt then my family moved to warri. In Warri, we moved houses thrice before we moved back to Portharcourt. I'm a graduate of Geography from the University of Nigeria. Since I'm the last I grew up as a loner, learning to play on my own and having a deep love for cartoons, comic books and science fiction. I honed my drawing skills copying pictures of popular marvel and DC characters like Spider-man, Superman etc. Embarrassingly I even used to act out my favorite episodes of Jonny quest,Pirates of dark water and stuff. Later on I started collecting comic books of different brands and eras all through high school and university... During my university days I spent my nights creating my own characters, story lines and boards. Currently I'm trying to tie them all in to a single interrelated universe. My major Influences are; Stan lee, Geoff Johns, Alan Moore and peter David.

So folks, now that you've met Kelechi, its time for you to enjoy his work.

For those who had problems seeing the text, here's the story without illustrations:

From left corner; dusk, the children's hour... Some recline, some dream.. Others prepare for a gauntlet of activity; some more provocative than others. While the seemingly respected and fortunate masses hide at home, a few dark denizens stalk the night.... Out about and beneath the stars, our damsel of the damned earns her keep as she lightly sways and twists to the black rhythm alongside others of similar form and grace. The light flickers off, the show's over, doors shut; she gets paid but she's hurting Page two From left corner; The day opens it's eyes and night rims... Morning brings with it's renewed hope and eagerness, unassuming, unsuspecting. No one would notice her transformation from the sexy dancer to the smart looking, beautiful everyday-girl on the morning jog and at the coffee... There's a saying, "'s more blessed to give than to receive"... She pays a unique visit fortnightly to the forgotten progeny.. Judge for yourselves, is she good or is she sent from hell to rip out men's wallets?... Despite her nocturnal escapades, she has a mother's heart... She has to hustle but willingly shares her loot. remember, we're all guilty in some way..
Astro out.

I hope you all enjoyed it!


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