Wednesday, January 18, 2012


(My new look. You like?)

Hello everyone,
I'm back! Yeah and I came back with a new hair do. This year is about doing wonderful things and enjoying them as well(so I wove my hair which is something I used to hate and I'm staying back in the east for a while). Its not necessarily about doing entirely new things, its about doing things in a better way so I can fall in love with them. I hope someone missed me while I was gone cos I'm grateful to they that did. I'm really sorry for the short break but I promise that I'm back for good now.

The last four days I spent on retreat were exteremely therapeutic for me. Gave me some good space to think, pray and sort out some things in my life. I definitely feel more energised and ready to do handle my responsibilities.

Before I went off last week, I promised that two new segments would be introduced to this blog (Cheers to the weekend and The week in summary). Sadly, none of them was launched before I set out on my break but I promise to make up for the lost time. However, the segment "The week in summary" will no longer hold as planned. I took time to consult and decided it would be better to just say what I know when I can. This is not a news blog so I don't necessarily have to post news updates but I'm free to blog about issues and still share some news lightly.

On that note, "The week in summary" is cancelled out as an independent segment but I'll try to keep you informed on happenings from time to time. "Cheers to the weekend" will run as planned anyway. I have so much packed for you this week so stay tuned and enjoy!

The unveiling begins tonight....

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