Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hello everyone,
I told you I had loads of stuff lined up for you this week right? Well here's the first. I watched a movie last night which really spured my emotions. The movie is titled "EVA". I won't go into details about the movie so go get it if you can. Lol.

I wrote a poem after seeing the movie last night. I haven't written poetry in a while and I totally enjoyed writing this one. Its titled "Darken Truth".
Read here:

Words held close to heart
Words nurtured like wounds.
Words that scald the soul
Words that heal the suffering of souls.

Fortified by anger,
Crushed by compassion.
Slain by lies
Revived by hope.

When a promise becomes a tale,
When a lie stands bold as true
When word of mouth metes pestilence
And listeners die from hearing.

When repetition causes memory to fade
And distrust leaves us wet, lonely and cold.
The torture of a lying friend, lover or sibling.
A torture of enormous filth!

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  1. love this poem. speaks to me on so many levels


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