Saturday, January 7, 2012

"2012 CUSTOMS"

The new year is already seven days old yet some of us haven't gotten a hang of it. I called a friend to wish him a happy new year a couple of days ago and he wasn't enthusiastic about the new year at all. Another friend said she was confused about how to go about this year so she didn't bother with any new resolutions.

While a few of us are confused and unenthusiastic about this year, a few others are excited about it and living it up as much as they can. Although things in Nigeria might not look or feel friendly at this time, I'd like to encourage everyone to embrace this new year with hope and optimism.

I thought it would be a good idea to share a few traditions of mine which I have adopted over the years to help me settle well into every new year.

The foremost is prayer. Those who appreciate God, know that the power of prayer cannot be overemphasised. Committing my year to God helps prepare me to face the year. There's no feeling that beats that peaceful feeling that comes after praying.

Another routine I compulsorily perform is re-organisation. This isn't about being disorganised, it's about changing the look of things a little so you can get a new outlook to things. Re-organising helps me view things differently, see the mistakes I might have made previously and learn new ways to handle them. Re-organising or redecorating your home, office or any kind of space has a magical way of getting one set for the tasks ahead.

My third fetish is shopping and its usually the fun part. Shopping for accessories, clothes and even books help fuel my energy for the new year. The joy of having new stuff pumps my adrenaline nicely. Don't get me wrong anyway, I'm not saying you necessarily have to change your entire wardrobe or collection o. All I'm saying is that a few new items would help improve your perspective on the new year.

The fourth is food. I love food and there's no denying that good food helps with mood swings generally. I always start my new year with my most craved dish. If its not something I can cook, I buy it. It's grand to start my year with a good treat.

Most people believe that every new year presents new opportunities and it is important that we prepare ourselves to embrace and expolore them. Form traditions for yourself and try your best to keep to them every year. They can be anything; a new book, a new dress, a new apartment, a grand feast, anything! There is no limit to what you can do, as long as it helps get you ready to enjoy the new year.

Resolutions are not compulsory in my opinion because some of us make tons of them and before new year day is spent we find out we have broken most of them and we feel devastated. Rather than task yourself with promises that you end up breaking, adopt other habits that will help you handle work better through the year.

I wish everyone a happy and fruitful year ahead and I look foward to sharing many testimonies and great stories with you this year. It is going to be a wonderful year.

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