Thursday, December 2, 2010

Introducing Suranu: The next big thing.

The harmattan had begun to caress Abuja city mildly but the sun’s heat was annoyingly harsh. Asokoro took its usual calm “busyness “as people went about their businesses in their own way. I had started my morning off on a lazy foot but hoped that some weird rush of positive energy would surge through me by afternoon. I had a date fixed with someone I had never met before but was supposed to work with. I had no intention of missing that date, at least not after all the energy I had invested in preparing for it.

I laid in bed watching music videos on Soundcity and waiting for any miracle to get me out of bed. The sound of cars honking, speeding past my house and people chattering filled my heart with guilt yet I laid on. At exactly 11:26 am, a text message barged into my phone and disrupted my flow. It was a text from Suranu, my date. He had texted to inform me that he was on his way to Mama Cas, the restaurant we scheduled to meet in. I sprung to my feet from my back in a style that could pass for a lazy Chinese get up dance move. It was like my wish was granted as soon as I read that text because the rush of positive energy I needed pumped me up. I was dressed up and out of the house in 55 minutes, then I boarded a taxi to the restaurant.

I walked into Mama Cas cafeteria and straight up to their upper room where Suranu had told me he was waiting for me. It didn’t take too much time to guess which of the people in the room was him and I stood by the stair case staring at him for a while. He had a bottle of soda which he didn’t seem very interested in on his table and his attention was drawn to his phone. He had looked up to stare at something when he saw me. I walked up to him with a smile and shook hands with him before settling into the seat opposite his. We introduces ourselves and started to talk generally about the weather, his trip, my trip, his life, my life and so many other things.

Suranu Atiku Maigadi who goes by the stage name Suranu which means” finished” in his language Buji , is a rapper and song writer. Born somewhere in the city of Jos to the family of Rev and Mrs Barje Maigadi, Suranu who was raised partly in the United states of America and mostly in Nigeria has a love for music and flare for hip hop which powers his talent. The young dude whose life has been split between Kentucky state USA and Plateau state Nigeria , says Jos remains his favourite place in the world. He hails from Bassa LGA in Plateau state and was born on the 1st day of May 1990.

20-year old Suranu who recently got signed on to Timeless music record label is one of the freshest and most authentic rap talents the Nigeria music industry and the world must embrace. With a unique style of what he calls Hip hop/ RnB rap, Suranu’s mixed tape of 19 tracks which was released on the 25th day of November 2010 will make you marvel. More to this is that his mixed tape features five equally talented Nigerian artistes; Kiche of Pincode, Christine, Endia, Kahli Abdu, Verbz and Echo thereby giving his music a sweet spice up. Although in his third year of studies in Law at the University of Jos, Suranu still believes he can handle all his responsibilities perfectly and manage his career well too. Suranu can be compared to popular artistes like MI, Jesse Jagz and P-Square, who he shares similar musical characteristics with and of course, the same Jos growing up history.

Suranu is definitely the next big thing that has hit the music industry and like the title to one of his tracks suggests, he has no limits.

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