Tuesday, January 18, 2011


NOTE PLEASE: This story hasn't yet been edited. Its just fresh out of my head....

Vera sat in the coffee shop that morning sipping gently out of her hot cup of tea and coffee. She was wearing the same purple floral gown Jola had bought for her on her thirty eighth birthday. She usually came by the coffee shop every Friday wearing a pretty gown and a pair of simple slippers and always sat at the left corner of the shop beside the small window adjacent the main entrance, sipping from her cup and working on a new poem or story.

Jola always told her that her fingers did magic with words on paper and that her writing could capture the heart of the stiffest person on earth. Jola worked as the chief editor for one of the most popular magazines in the country while Vera worked as a freelancer for different big shot magazines across the country. Jola and Vera shared a lot of things in common and they were both successful at their jobs.

They met in 2006 at a book party organized by the National Writers’ Guild and their love history began its story from that day. Jola was Vera’s longest relationship after her marriage to David her late ex-husband failed. David and Vera had both just signed their divorce papers but David died in a ghastly motor accident on his way back to his hotel room. Vera mourned David for one year but moved on with her life right after then in 2003. Since she had no children with David, she took to dating men casually and taking time out to hang out in clubs, attend parties and prosper in her writing career. David’s death afforded her an opportunity to enjoy selfish living, a life she craved for all her life but never got a chance to live. Vera swore that rather than have a relationship or marriage cause her sleeplessness, she would live and die single. She swore never to bother a pin about any man.

Vera became a little more tolerate when she and Jola started dating one year later. She let herself believe he was a good man so they got engaged after eight months. Jola was pleased that Vera didn’t turn down his request when he proposed that she married him. Vera still hadn’t gotten over the distasteful experience of her first marriage so taking any man seriously after then was more difficult for her than any other thing she had done. Jola carried her patiently throughout their relationship hoping that he could serve her hope and get her to believe that she could still enjoy a good married life in her life time. Vera soon grew fond of Jola and in no time, she fell in love with him.

From good looks to a kind heart to a very versatile beautiful mind, Jola was a man any woman would dump her man to spend a day with. He fulfilled every description of the perfect gentle man most love stories described. He seemed to good to be true, yet stayed true.

Still at the coffee shop writing, Vera’s attention was fixed on the notebook size laptop open in front of her when a tall dark young man walked into the coffee shop. The gentleman had the same body frame as Jola and had walked in with a slim dark skinned lady who wore heels that helped her measure up to the gentleman’s height.

Vera’s attention got slightly distracted and her heart skipped a beat when she saw the gentleman, who was now looking in her direction. All vera could make out of his face from where she sat was a side view of his face that replicated Jola’s. Vera couldn’t understand why Jola would walk into the same coffee shop he knew she liked to hangout in and not bother to look for her and say hi. She infact wondered why he would walk in there holding another woman and caressing her waist like he owned it. Vera’s thoughts soon engulfed her that she saw herself walk up to him and tap him on the shoulder.

He turned back to see who it was that had tapped him, and the smile on his face faded as soon as he turned back and his eyes met Vera’s. “Yes ma’am?” he said, replying her tap with a questioning look.

“Yes ma’am? Did I just hear you say yes ma’am?” Vera asked, squinting her eyes with her back slightly arched.

“You tapped me, so I ask if there is something I can do for you” he replied, looking calm and warmly at Vera like he had no clue what that tap meant or if it had any meaning at all.

Vera stepped back slowly, holding her head in her hand like a one who had been hit unexpectedly by a migraine. She roamed in her thoughts for a while until she was slapped back to reality by her phone’s ringtone. She slid out of the thought she just had and looked at the counter to see if the young man was still at there but he was gone. Neither the young man or the young lady he had come in with were at the counter. She never got to look at the man’s face and although she had imagined the guy was Jola, haven seen his face in her short trance, she chose to believe it was someone else instead. Vera decided to forget about it and go back to what she was writing and her phone rang again. It was Jola calling with his cell phone. Jola only called with his cell phone when he was away from the office. Vera let the phone ring to it’s limit then she picked it up, switched it off and went back to what she was writing. She wasn’t sure what she would do or what she wanted to do. She decided to forget the entire episode and continue what she was writing….

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