Thursday, January 13, 2011

VIDEOMAIL (Take your twin seriously)


It has become a reality that things or people we do not know can come around to harm us and even destroy us if we don’t get lucky.

Exam period in the University of Nigeria Nsukka is usually quiet, boring, annoying, frustrating, agonizing, and monotonous, in fact every other thing you can think of that best describes the opposite of good. The school becomes a practical ghost land once exams begin and many students begin to live from classroom to library, thereby cutting away every other aspects of their life. Except the religious aspect sha, and of course it is no longer news that UNN tops the list as the most religious school, school with the largest population of religious students or school with the highest number of religion students outside the department of religion. To cut the long explanation short, more students are involved in religious activities in UNN than you will see in many other universities in Nigeria.

In February this year during the heat period of exams in UNN, a sex video found its way in some students’ phones. Sex tapes have of course become a normal thing to see in anyone’s phone and they have become very normal that people have started to make videos of themselves in the act. I really don’t want to go into any moral argument about this issue but I’ll simply leave us with a question. How much has pornography helped us as individuals and as a generation? There! That does it, now back to my story. This sex video school UNN in a new way. Even bookworms and exam freaks stepped out of their shells and flowed with the new season. The sex tape became a “must see movie” with everyone discussing its contents in the hostels, in class, in the library, at eateries, in church and everywhere else people gathered. The guilt people usually felt when they watched porn disappeared and like a 4 unit load assignment, people made sure they saw that video.

What was so special about the video? Aha! I’ll tell you.
Many of us human beings will rejoice over someone’s downfall more than we would over their success and it is very sad. As soon as the girl in the video was identified as a UNN undergraduate, it became the justification students gave themselves to watch the video and store copies of it on their phone which they were willing to share. Most people who saw the video suddenly became saints and Judges, blaming the lady for being so stupid for allowing herself to be put on tape in that manner and raising there noses in disgust over how she had shamed God for indulging in such a sinful act. No one bothered about the man in the video or his own sin, or about themselves who had equally just wronged God by allowing their eyes behold such evil. We all blamed the poor girl and clamped down on her to destroy her psyche and ruin her with dirty words. Everywhere she went, people pointed at her or stared at her awkwardly but her friends still stuck with her.

Days after the video and its story had circulated the school, facebook, youtube and some other social network sites, the suspected lady in the video took courage and denied that she was the lady in the video. The school administration set up a panel some weeks later to look into the issue and find out the truth. Testimonies then came from people who claimed to have seen the video four years earlier and a friend of the actual lady in the video was even contacted and she confirmed that the suspected Unn student wasn’t the lady in the video. The suspected UNN student was however taken through series of cross examinations, one of which involved her being examined naked (by some females on the panel) and compared with the lady in the video.

At the end of the investigation, the young woman from UNN was found innocent and was recommended for counseling sessions with a psychologist.

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  1. It's really painful the lengths some self righteous among us will go to prove their own ego. I hope the young girl overcomes all this.

    BTW, I have tagged you as a stylish and versatile blogger, more details on my blog.


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