Thursday, August 2, 2012


In 2009, a talented young lady begun her journey into the Modelling and Fashion industry. Oluwadamilola Teidi born on d 2nd day of November, 1990 hails from Kogi State, Nigeria, has a bachelors degree in information technology and currently working as a software developer and a model. Damilola's modelling career kicked off in Cyprus where she had participated in many successful fashion events before she moved back to Nigeria to further pursue her new found love as well as contribute her quota to the growth of the industry in Nigeria.

Contrary to other cliché stories of how people dreamed, aspired or started off their modelling careers at very young ages, Damilola confessed that she never wanted to be a model. It was actually one of those things she never thought herself doing. When asked what changed her mind and set her thought on that path eventually, she said, "It actually just happened. I got dragged into one fashion show by a friend because I was thin and tall *laughs*. From then I was talked into doing some other shows and I fell in love with modelling eventually".

Her debut in Cyprus was at a wedding show where the Turkish designer Abdullah Oztoprak showcased his bridal collection while In Nigeria, it was at "Music meets runway" 2011.

Dami's journey from 2009 till date has however not been one free of challenges. She shares that, she has faced her fair share of rejections and breaking into the Nigerian industry was no walk over for her either. Top of the list of challenges is having to Maintain a career in the Tech and Fashion industries simultaneously. Dami says its her love for both of them that has helped her work both areas, even back in school. Through it all she admits, "Well, I've learnt so many amazing things. How to walk elegantly and command attention with it *laughs* and how to deal with different people and their personality(good or bad). It has been a great but stressful experience and I'm grateful to God for every thing I have been through so far".

Amongst her many contributions to the Fashion and Modelling industry, her recent one' "Styljunki" is the most interesting of them all. Dami combines her experience and passion in both fields of Science and Arts. Styljunki is an online directory for the finest professionals in the fashion industry created by a team of three people including Dami. You can check and get more details

The journey hasn't even started for Damilola Teidi. She is pumped with so much positive energy and is looking forward to working on many better and bigger projects in the near future.

Designers she has worked with: Abdullah oztoprak(turkey), Ali k yahli (turkey), Virgos lounge, Vonne couture, Kiki Kamanu, Orange culture, House38, Lanre Da Silva, Mimilee london, Iamisigo, Toju Foyeh, Mai Atafo, Lola buttons and more...
Follow Dami and Styljunki on twitter: @dangeldiva and @styljunki


  1. Was she trying to break her spin up there? Ugh these models love drama

  2. Well all the best to the spine breaker girl.

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