Thursday, January 2, 2014


Happy new year, everyone. 2014 looks promising indeed.
I started my year by giving myself a good treat. I attended mass, the best experience of mass I've ever had. After that, I went to see a movie. I had earlier planned to visit a family friend but changed my mind along the way as I considered it would be better to start the year with something special and more personal. It had been over one year since I last took myself out or had a lovely solo hangout so I did it, I took me to the movies then had a drink afterward.
My happy new year to me.
I wrote a poem this morning, a lovely way to start 2014. The poem is titled Ten things I know to be true. i was inspired to write this after I watch spoken word performances by Alysia Harris,.Sarah kayPhil Kaye (You can click on their names to watch the videos) and actually got the title of my poem from Sarah's speech at TED. This is my own love poem. Read, enjoy and have a lovely 2014

Your love tastes like magic.

Your silence has two tastes.

The silence that keeps your eyes
Away from mine tears down my throat,
Scratching my insides till they are sour.

The silence that keeps your eyes locked with mine
Makes me feel like I'm being hugged by a soft wind.
It's like landing on snow flakes packed
Together like a purified bed, non-freezing.

Your touch is as soothing as the stare
From a one day old baby's blank eyes.

Your smile is as peaceful as the whisper
Of pines in-tune with the morning breeze.

Your anger is like harmattan dryness
Soaking away moisture till my skin
Is dry enough to be cut by paper.

Your whisper is silent.
But even when the words are unheard,
You paint the picture perfectly in my mind.

Your happiness is infectious,
It sips into my angriest veins,
Driving out all my anger.

The tenth thing I know to be true is that,
You love me.
Even when it drives you crazy,
You love me...



  1. Your way with words...Absolutely beautiful.

  2. Chizileaks,
    this is for whooooo? Many wishing it was for them definitely!!!!! Oh my. My wife was watching me closely ( just 4 inches away) as I read this.


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