Monday, June 15, 2009


Jumoke, let me borrow your
Ajani a while.
Ajani your kiss has left me
with only memories that
the rot in my teeth can tell.
I enjoyed every touch
and to show for it, my skin mourns
as it dies in cancer.
I made you my source.
The source of my content.
Yet you still abused me.
Are you not content?
I still have your scratch.
Oh yes! i refused the scar
it's healing.
I hoarded my thoughts of you
and your rotten features very
passionately that when sanity
begged for its realese, i refused
to sell.
Obim, are you home yet?
Or do the streets still lure you
out to seek more unbroken hearts?
I enjoyed your lips Ajani each time
i sucked it while we kissed.
I am perplexed though that
all i have to show for that enjoyment
are cracked lips and rotten teeth.
Ah! another has just found it's
way out.
Soon i will have nothing to show
for my ability to chew, then all
i will be able to do is to suck and swallow.
Ajani, you took my bite with you
but i will never want it back.
I have not left you Ajani,
but i shall, soon i shall so i can die
in peace.
Of course i will die soon
yet you wo'nt be set free
because my bedsheets will bear
wittness to our affair
our love story is still written on it.
You forgot me, i will forget you.
After we forget together, your face
will still be imbeded in my eyes.

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