Monday, June 15, 2009


Kambili you should learn to think of me.
I thought i loved you enough, but you shall
still learn to think of me.
I brought you to life, you should learn
to never forget me.
I killed you. Do you remember?
You should learn to never forget me.
Father anticipates your return
although he knows i took you away
Kele placed his curse on me and he
promised never to forget me.
Now they say they will kill me
ha! humm! I laugh! because,
just like the others before,
i shall escort you on your journey.
The entire ride i cant assure but,
i know you will never come back
once you leave me.
Let us begin....

The drum beats once heard
each drummer a drm held.
On the battle field of the south African veld,
each soldier's position the leader read.
For a son each mother wept
with sorrow all were swept.
In every heart only hope was left,
for truly no one knew what to expect.
back to the South African veld,
only gunshots could be heard.
On each palm a loved one's picture was held,
as the ground with blood was fed.
More grief as news begun to come.
Life became unbearable for many and some.
Everyone in sadness became dumb,
and no one bothered about an empty tum.
Alas the survivors return!
Families scramble, no one takes a turn.
People return ready to mourn,
the loss of a brother, father or son.


  1. That was truly a heart-felt expression of the futility of this whole game that man doesn't stop playing - war. Looking forward to reading more such poems!

  2. This is the only poem i have written about war. I'll write some more as soon as i get the inspiration. Thank you for the comment anyway.


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