Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hoping For The Beat

Violence has devastated the world. It is funny that the world still adorns it. Stop taking hope and happiness away. I wrote a poem below about war. I hope you understand it.(Composed on the 2nd day of july 2009 by 1:28 am)

My heart just beat again...
Oh no it didn't but how come
I breath?

Black is red now, yes blood
has taken over.
Or is it not blood that i see?

Streets are full of streams
Streams not of water, but of
Blood and tears.

How can my heart not beat,
When panic overwhelms my

Oh I still speak of me,
And forget you who lie stylishly
On black, now red.

You have been dumped in your
Own blood.
How heartless!

I want to carry you home now
But I can't because my feet cannot
Stop running.

I hear a heartbeat now.
Could it be yours?
Am far away from you now
But i hear your heart beat in my ears.

A bullet just caught Lalah.
Another heartbeat is lost.
How long can I hold mine?
How long will it beat?

Can i still hope, with all these bullets
Stopping our hearts?
I hope still... Still i hope...


  1. Chizzy dats a nice 1, i tot i ws readin a shakespeare, da vinci r even soyinka. carry on dis way n wit God's hlp u might dose names.

  2. A beautiful tribute to all the precious lives and aspirations and dreams lost forever!

  3. Dan: I know I'll get there pretty soon. Am glad you felt the poem's power.

    Vani:Its really sad. When will it end?


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