Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Me, Yesterday. Me, Now.

Am I lazy or are these excuses real? My debut novel is in the making and I swing in and out of moods to write it. I have two titles alraedy, and three stories under both of them. That means i have six stories right? Am i confused or is this how it is for every writer with their first book?
Well I met someone very wonderfull today and she honstly dug herself a space in my heart. Her name is Vani, she is an Indian woman, and i got to meet her through my friend Onyeka who is a real sweetheart (when he is).
Though i was lost in most of their conversations, I was sure initiated deeply into the few i caught. There was so much to say and laugh about that at that point, I wanted it to never end. Yeah like peter in the bible, i was ready to set not three tents this time, but four to make sure everyone was well accomodated.
My most cherished moment arrived when it was time to eat, oh how I love to eat! (but don't call me 'foodious'). I ate everything I have never eaten before. It was my first time at an Indian's, and so it was for the food. At table, we talked a lot about books and writers with plenty reference to Indian (at this point i was completly lost) and Nigerian writers( for these ones, i had something to say).
The entire afternoon to evening swept away in time, while our consciousness was swallowed by our gist. Apart from books, we talked about everything human beings could talk about and there was never a dull moment. Am glad I was able to go and finally, I met Vani who I will never forget. Thank you Onyeka for making me meet her...
Now back to the top: Is there any advice i can get?
I really don't understand. Helppp!!!


  1. Hey, don't get worked up! I guess even the greatest and the most veteran writers of all times have felt and feel the same way as you during their novel's early stages of labour. The trauma is only going to increase towards the end! You will have to somehow withstand the pressure. Don't worry, your thoughts will flow unhindered, if you believe in your characters! Try to BE and THINK like them. So they will manifest with all their love in the pages of your work! All the best!

  2. Many thanks Vani, I'll definitely keep all this in mind.

  3. I support Vani, Chizzy.


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