Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Normal Life Sydrome

Normal life. What does this mean? Does it mean your life is perfect or right? Does it just mean you have fulifiled all righteousness?

Well I won't be answering any of those questions for you. Or maybe I will, but thats not my aim here. Lets talk, rather let me tell you what i have noticed people do now. Have you noticed that a lot of us Nigerians have lost touch of the original essence life? Many of us will end up living spent lives rather than optimised ones. Many of us are just out living the dreams of our parent, the wishes of our friends, or just projecting the shadows of our role models. We throw away who we need to be and become something we ought not to. We have turned living into a boring routine in which we sleep, wake up, go through school without gaining education, get a job we probably dont like, and get married! For those who are married, bearing children is the next step even when we know these children will likely stave to death.

Young women design their actions to please and attract men for marriage. For a lot of us women it is all that matters and the greatest achievement in any woman's life. (I so disagree with this theory). Our Nigerian women are afraid of staying unmarried and whether their marriage is working out well or not, dem go dey manage for the marriage till dem die. Everything has its limits you know?

Another problem is the unadventurousness of Nigerians. We just want already made information and feel very lazy to carry out our own research but try hard to suppress those that try to find out new things. So much dependence is put on the western people and so much of what we do now is in accordance to their will. We think we cant do anything the Americans have not done. We embrace their theories and swallow their polices into our economy. We see them as our God so, ignore our experts and adore their apprentices. Nigeria is gradually loosing her identity because we want to keep indulging in everything western whether it is right or wrong.

As for religion and spirituality, that one na separate talk. In reality, Nigeria has more atheists and agnosts than christians, muslims or even traditionalists. We forget that religion is meant to serve as a guide to living better and not the name of a group we need to answer to. Many people are religious because they have to write it in their forms or they want to please the world. Stop decieving yourselves abeg. There is so much we are getting wrong and clique of normal life is marring us. We have to detach from crowd mentality and live in the reality of life. Let us get out of the illusion we are neck deep in and begin to rebrand our ideas and concepts. Life is short so live it now before it finishes. Just be you and no one else.

I rest my case...

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