Thursday, August 13, 2009

Return Post!

First i want to appologise to my blog for my absence, and to you for keeping you hungry and in the dark. I'm so sorry please forgive me... Have you?... Thank you!

Ok let me talk about what i've been up and down to.

Things have been generally swingy for a while. I've had a fair share of insomania, but i've made good effort to use it for better. The truth is i find it hard to sleep at night but it gets worse sometimes. I was in my own home town last week and i had a wonderful time. The village was almost empty but i kind of liked it. I got a lot of inspiration and wrote a couple of stories and poems which i will post here very soon.

Ok this is an "I am back again" declearation. I'll leave some other things to take over from here, so watch this space.


  1. Hey
    first time here, and i can relate
    i have been having difficulty sleeping, brain is working overtime. Eye shutters, warm bath, and r n b music help :)
    Secondly, i like the silence....
    Nice blog u've got here....
    And yes, there is a God!
    my two cents....

  2. Thanks chayoma. I'm glad you can relate well with my blog already. Thanks a mill!


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