Saturday, August 29, 2009

For Roots Sake!

This is not christmas.
This time is different.

The land is now bare and pleads for company.
They'll find their way back here soon,
but only for roots sake!

You'll see them soon...
Just wait and you'll see.
You'll see the effizy.
You'll feel the swagga.
Don't worry you'll see what I've been telling you all the while.

The atmosphere is at peace now right?
You'll see what it will be in december.

Our illustrious sons will be back by then,
and they'll pollute the air with noise, fumes, perfumes and pride.

They'll make us wish.
They'll make a few aspire.
They'll make many jealous.
What will they make you do?

In december,
they'll be back for roots sake!
Oh ye city dwellers!
Don't come home and pretend again.

Oh ye city dwellers!
With your fine dresses,
good make up, sweet accent
and stories about the city.

Life in the city is hard,
and life in the village is boring.
We village dwellers love it here,
so don't trouble us again,
for roots sake!


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