Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This poem is for you Henry. Sorry about all the wrong words i used against you while you where here. You were very special in every way.


Words cut deep
but this sorrow cuts
in deeper.
tears stroll down my
rough face and flow
into my pillow
like rivers empty
into the sea.
My saliva is sticky
and soft while
my constant drooling
has marked a white
lane across my cheek.
I'm weak from my
crying but my heart
mourns till my very
own life is exhausted.
I have cried over everthing
and the thought that you
will never be here to
console me, tears me to
shredds within.
There was so much
I had to talk to you about,
and so many kisses left unkissed.
My body longs for
your touch and caress.
My nose longs to smell
you strong sweet scent
Where are you my love?
Will you be back?
How long do i have to wait?
I'm willing to wait for
your return but everyone around
tells me i have to forget you.
I can't do that baby,
why should i forget you?
No one is stronger than
Nothing is.
I had thought the
love we had was,
but i was wrong.
death deceived our love
and took you away from me.
How long will you be gone?
Should i wait?
I can wait forever
if you want me to,
but i dont think i would.
I will not wait.
You did not wait.
You shouldn't have left me.
I still love you baby,
and thats why I'll live.
I'll soak my pillow
every night mourning your death,
and drain it all up
by morning, living for you.
I live loving you,
and die happy i was your lover.
*I worte this poem for my friend who lost her Fiance. This poem is for you Nonye but i dedicate it to Henry Nwosu. Rest in peace dear friend.

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  1. Been a while, hope you're OK. Wipe your tears or write them all away.


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