Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Long time no write!!!!

I hate cyber cafes. Its not that I do not want them to exist but the time constraint is too annoying.

Ok I'm in one now, and apart from the fact that their servers are usually snaily slow, the heat (which can kill but i haven't die from yet) is davastating!

School has been so choked up and hectic that i haven't been able to write even a single simple poem. I feel like my brain is stuck.

Well it hasn't been so bad though cos I've been having good fun and bad fights with a lot of my friends (Drumliners take note).

I'm still working on my novel (can you imagine such laziness?) and I must say I'm really enjoying the job a lot.
The past week has been for school and work with the newspaper I work with (Drumline). We recently hosted a booktrek which although it went successfully is causing wahala between all my friends on the board. Sad right? Well I hope all the scores get settled today or tomorrow cos i want to see all my friends happy and together again.

Enough of that gist now cos it s your turn to tell me how you are (so tell me)...

I have to go now but before I do, i just want to tell Gabriella Amadi (who is beside me by the way,) that I love her very much. She has been a very lovely big sister to me. (she said enough of all this. hahaha.. lol!).

I hope i write something new soon so I can post it here. Till i write again, I want you all to know I love you as much as my heart will let me. Be good you all. God's grace!!!!!

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