Monday, October 19, 2009


My haunted spirit..

I stand, yet i fall.
I feel strong yet my health

My heart is heavy
and i can't carry anymore

I feel destroyed
but my secret is shut inside.
Dark, gory, scary and lovely.

I sip my last liquor.
I taste my last blood.

My tongue is so redded out
but in a few minutes,
I'll pink it back.

My head screams
each time i hear your name.
My heart loves it.
My mind isn't sure.

I have trekked into the woods
and before me lies this:
I saw Mandy's body.
He had ripped off every slime
of life in her.

Her head was gone
but i know her figure too well.
I couldn't help her.
I should have.

Blood stuck it's red
self out of her neck.
I love those blue jeans
she died with.

i would have killed her to get them.
But i didn't.
now he did.
He pulled her head away with
a slice from his knife....

i remember her.
I remember him
I'll never forget them.

I want to stop now....


  1. Dark, gory, scary and lovely.

    This line sums up your poem.

  2. Hi Chi, i was here and I truely enjoyed this. Ji si ike o, even if some of can not write this good, we are happy we can atleast read.


  3. Thanks Myne. Yeah i was just expressing my dark side. lol.

    Sylva you just sabi wine me sha. You wan dey compare me to you? You dey too much pass me and you know. Thanks dearie i'm glad you enjoyed reading this little piece of mine.


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