Thursday, February 18, 2010

Final Year in Third Year

Ok, i guess many of you heard about the riot in my school, UNN, on the 16th day of January 2010. The good news is that it earned all the students a 4 week long forced holiday which i tried all that was necessary to enjoy.

We got called back to school on the 15th day of febuary so 2nd semester exams for 2008/2009 session could commence on the 19th day of febuary 2010. All students were asked to resume with two letters of undertaking, one from their parents or guardian and another from them, to be of good behaviour throughout their stay in school as students of the University.

With all that said and done, i think the idea of writing and submitting the letter is dumb, but i did anyway. The truth is that such documents are useless and baseless in Nigeria. I remember i signed an undertaking form when i got admitted into the University and even swore an oath to be of good behaviour, but who go remember am? Its not that i'm comfortable with violence, but the our VC asked for it! All we students did was to stand for our rights and defend it. I know we went through extreme measures which were quite uncalled for but in the end we made our point for good. I just hope he learnt a good lesson sha.

My exams begin tomorrow and my first paper, International Economics (ECO 342), has been scheduled to begin by 9am. I wish myself the best and I'm working towards that too. Well what more can a final year student in third year wish for?

Considering that i can now update my blog via my phone, i'll be writing stuff frequently here. I just hope my blog will be an effective Antidote against my Facebook virus. I want to quit facebook for good and though i can say so far so good, its not been easy o. Lol.

I have to go now but i'll be back soon so dont shed tears yet you hear? He he he. Lol. Byeee...


  1. So far so good?'s only been 24 hours. All the best in your exams dear.

  2. Yes o! Thats a huge record for me. Lol. Thanks dearie.

  3. Yes o! Thats a huge record for me. Lol. Thanks dearie.

  4. Yes o! Thats a huge record for me. Lol. Thanks dearie.


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