Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why is it that once a person becomes a celebrity, a lot of people just want to antagonise them.

I uploaded one of my boyfriend's blog posts on my booksie, and on Ghanian chic who claims to be a fan of his posts a query as comment. (i wonder how her voice would sound when she's speaking the pidgin she wrote sef. Ha ha ha. I know it would have sounded funny)

I saw sense in what he (my Bf) wrote so i decided to share it with joy but after i read her comment, i got angry so i had to delete the post. I admit that what she said was quite sensible but... Nevermind jare. What ever sha. Lol.

Let me get some sleep so i can smash an 'A' in the exam i have today. My head feels like it will explode.

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