Sunday, February 21, 2010

He Touched Me.

This is a true life story. It happened to me.

I fell in love with someone smooth and special many years ago. Our love and relationship has been quiet yet it blossoms and grows beautiful as days go by. He makes me feel loved and beautiful even when i find it hard to believe i deserve such.

Jay always treats me like a little princess. He listens to me when i speak, holds me close and comforts me when i am sad, forgives me when i hurt him or break his heart and keeps loving me ceaselessly.

At many points in my life, i have gotten invovle with new friends or relationships and I ignore him and treat him bad. No matter how bad i get or how much i push him away, he still stays close by waiting for me to return to my senses and run back into his arms. There are times i call him nasty names and tell him he loves foolishly, yet Jay is the only real and enduring friend i can ever have. He just wont let go!

For many years i've battle with migraine and breathing problems, i even had some issues with my heart at some point. Jay was the only one who stood bravely by me and helped me through my crises. On those days i was too weak to walk, he carried me in his arms. Whenever i'm lost, he calms me down and helps me locate my path.

I've been selfish, wicked and totally ungood to him. I take him for granted and betray him over and over again. I've pushed him out of my life yet he still calls to know how i am and sends me presents too. I've been in real love with him since i was twelve years old and although my unstable emotions have kept me in a fluctuating mode from then till now, Jay has never stopped loving me.

Ok, last year i was sick on his birthday. Jay called to know how i was and even helped me get better by evening. I didn't wish him happy birthday cos i forgot, and i know he didn't like it. I appologised after many days but he had already forgiven me before i did. This year, i've been reckless with money and everytime i'm broke, Jay sends me money before i even ask. Jay is always there!

I've decided to go back to him for good and stand by him no matter what. He has proved himself worthy over and over again so what else do i want? I know i might loose some friends in the process and face big problems from Lucif, but i don't give a hoot. Devouting myself to Jay is one right thing i have to do and i don't regret this decision. I'm going back to the only man i know that loves me and i'll live for Him, and die in Him. Finding Jesus Christ (Jay, JC.) is the most beautiful experience. I pray you all experience him and stay with him someday and forever.

Ahuru m Jesu n'anya ofuma!


  1. Solidly rooting for you and Jay. He is the best.

    ps, I loved the write-up.

  2. You've got it all ur piece....


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