Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Love is a command from God to every human being. When God commanded us to love our neigbour as ourself, he made no distinction as to whether we choose who we should love by race, class, status, sexuality, age or any other form of classification.

Christ made it clear to us on many occasions that he came to save sinners and give new life and renewed hope to us all as long as we follow his light and do his father's will. During the lifetime of Jesus, he laid many good examples that teach us that through our struggles everyday, God's grace sustains us and replenishes us too.

Recently, a lot of crazy ideas have found their way in, and a comfortable home to stay in the world. People now justify their actions in everyway possible and make you believe even the wrongest of wrongs is totally right. Many people raise questions about morality thereby making certain concepts and resolutions about life a white sheet with a small white dot that smears round the sheet slowly.

Many revolutions have occurred and people have come up with even the most stupid arguments to backup their decisions and ideas. Its hard to distingush between good and evil sometimes and when we apply nothing but human wisdom to achieve this, it takes only time before we loose grip totally.

One new trend that has baffled me for long however, is the issue of Gay people and their rights.

I will never condem anyone for being gay but the truth is that it is wrong in every way. Firstly, my background as a Christian has made me see it as a sin and i support the bible very much for its stand on this matter.

Secondly, the act of same sex relationship totally alters the natural course of reproduction and procreation. No offspring can ever come forth naturally from such a union.

Thirdly, a lot of people argue that some people are born gay. It hasn't been proven yet anyway, but i stand to say today that whether it turns out to be true or not, it still doesn't make it normal. A child born with autisim, organ disorder, brain disorder and even a hemaphrodite never grows up to claim that it is normal to be born that way. Rather, the childs parents seek professional help for such a child on his/her behalf. You might be born gay but remaining gay is a choice we make by ourselves and it doesn't make being gay good or normal.

On the issue of whether killing gay people will stop people from being gay (laughs) that will never work. Killing them will only be a wicked act of selfishness and self centredness, as well as injustice to humanity.

Gay or not, we are all human beings who deserve to be loved and cared for. Killing me cos i'm gay will only make the rest like me hate you and fight to live against all odds. I honestly think all they need is love and help.

The funny thing is, if we don't do something wise soon, we'll have people going 'monosexual' and resorting to masturbation and self love and attraction claiming they feel they are attracted to neither men or women but theirselves.

For me, i've taken God's word (the bible) as my own yardstick for measurement and standard. I judge my actions by its teaching.


  1. Killing is definitely out of the question. Nice well thought out write-up.

  2. That write up is wonderful n makes a lot of sense. Kudos girl.

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