Friday, March 5, 2010

Filthy Curse.

Racism is a curse. And i say to you again, racism is a curse. Racism is a curse that also drags along with it a more irritating curse that is definitely destructive.

It beats my understanding why anyone would look at a fellow human being as less human for any reason. Why should you deprive anyone of something on the basis of skin colour? Its crazy!

Recently, the author of "the Abyssinian boy" Onyeka Nwelue was deprive of a Hong kong visa. Onyeka was invited to Hong Kong to participate in the Man Hong Kong literary festival. Mr Nwelue who was invited to seat on the panel with some other beautiful authors from around the world was denied a visa yesterday and no reason or explanation was given to him. Suspision however, is that he was deprived a visa on basis of skin colour discrimination.

The very pleasant part of the entire issue is that some Hong Kong people along with the organisers of the event Mr Nwelue has been invited to attend have publicly condemed the actions of the embassy. The embassy's refusal to issue Mr Nwelue a visa is indeed a slap in the face of the organisers of the Literary festival.

An intelligent young man is invited to share ideas with you and inspire youths like him to better their lives yet you ask him to say away? Thats actually very dumb my friend and it makes no good sense.

Dear people of this beautiful Planet Earth, let us flee away from the "entices" of the dumbest evil called Racism, and our prosperity will know no bound.
Don't say i didn't tell you o.


  1. Annoying how people deny themselve of the good things of life just because of stereotypes. Well, it takes a lot of maturity to outgrow such stereotypes, especially when it affects a whole generation. I imaginer the cumulative effect of such silly act on the program, what has been lost. A shame

  2. Racism and discrimination pull us down and I don't understand why people keep doing it. I just saw Onyeka's news and I'm so baffled. Na wa for this world we live in sha.

  3. This racisim thing still shocks me.


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