Saturday, March 13, 2010


Life in the life of an adult being is complicated but when you're confused like me, no longer a teenager not yet an adult, it gets a lot more complicated. Nigeria is not like america where a child becomes independent of their parent at the age of 18 and totaly free by 21. Its different around here cos at 18 your parents want you to understand you are grown and should act mature, but will hardly allow you make a decision for yourself or even trust your decision when you make them. Many parents want their children to act older to their benefit. That is, in situations where they want the child to show maturity (only). Enough of this rant cos i don't think it really connects to the story i'm about to tell.

My friends and I are out of school touring states in Nigeria. The overstreched 2008/2009 session finally ended technically on the 8th day of March 2010. Technically cos that was the last day i wrote an exam. My last paper and practical exam was moved to next session. We have been scheduled to write them as soon as we begin the new session.

First year students resumed on the 10th of march while returning students will resume on the 19th of march 2010. With most students going home to enjoy the break, me and some of my friends who stayed back in school cos our homes are far decided to embark on a roadtrip. We took out part of our pocket money and hit the rugged Nigerian roads. I won't tell you what the tour plan is, but i'll tell where we are now.

Owerri. Owerri is one of the cleanest and most beautiful cities in Nigeria. It is the state capital of Imo state "The eastern heartland". Owerri is a small city full of Igbo speaking Nigerians and home to five higher institutions including one of the best Federal University of technology called FUTO.

As students, my friends and I believed that the only way we could enjoy our stay in the city and get to know a lot about it was to stay in the company of students like ourselves. Our host is a FUTO student who is a cousin to one of us. We've been here for almost two days and so far we've been having a great time.

We've had a great time mixing up with FUTO students, touring the beautiful city of Owerri, hanging out in bars, hotel, eateries and clubs and ofcourse eating and drinking a lot. My only fear however is that i might get too fat but considering that i'm an expert at loosing weight, i know i'll pass.

Our next stop is calabar and we'll be joining in the Geology conference there too. Living in Nigeria or anywhere else can be a lot of fun, but it all depends on how well you pimp it. I'm blessed to have friends who make me happy and give me a reason to want to stay alive.

Yeah yeah one more thing. I've just met an amazing new friend whose name is Durga Sengupta. She's been a wonderful person to me and we're a lot alike in many aspects. She crazy, fun and creative like me. We call ourselves twin sisters and we're happy together. I'll keep you posted on how the trip goes. Bye for now friends"


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