Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Evening with Wille.

The evening was warm and quiet as the sun’s heat had reduced in intensity. Classrooms were virtually cleared as many students who were done with their lectures for that day sought after other activities to take up what was left of their day.
I sat in Chitis restaurant that evening with a note book open on the table in front of me, my mobile phone lying beside the note book, a pen in my hand and the straw with which I sucked the content of my coke bottle between my lips. I was waiting for my date to arrive and I prayed he did so on time.

At exactly 5:06pm, my date walked into the restaurant wearing a red striped shirt which was tucked into his jeans, a black leather belt on his waist and a pair of black snickers on his feet. His majestic strides were very well coordinated and the handsome smile on his face made my heart drop as he walked up to my table.

It was my first up close experience with Williams Uchembah an undergraduate student of the department of History and International Relations, University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN). The three time best kid actor awardee (in 2002 for “Oh My Son”, 2003 for “Beyond Belief” and 2005 for “Dorothy My Love”) whose career in Nollywood started when he was 11years old has not let his fine achievements in the industry prevent him from living a responsible normal life or pursuing his education to the highest level. Haven gotten most of his high school education from Federal Government College Enugu state (FGC), Williams preceded to Jimgrams Secondary School for the remainder of his high school education then to UNN afterwards, for his Professional degree.

Though in his 2nd year of study at the University, Williams is one of the few young men his age who have a clear vision of what they want out of life and are working hard to get it. Education and career aside, Wille (as he is called by his friends) is also a devote Christian and active member of New Covenant Family Fellowship, Nsukka (Dominion City Church). He believes that, “people should act in accordance with their purpose and discover the real reason they want to get involved in anything”. He also says good morals should be brought into movies because what people see in movies have a way of affecting their approach to certain issues in life.

Added to his enthusiasm for education and dedication to God, Williams has a burning desire to enlighten and empower young people of this generation to engage in aggressive self development. With an experience of 11 years and 76 movies to his name, Williams is convinced that anyone can do what they set their hearts to as academics can be combined with a good job. “…the human brain is capable of a lot of things yet we underestimate it… family support is also important my dear, it is…” he said as he sipped out of his glass of juice. Born to parents who are both politicians, Williams apparently inherited the political inclinations of his parents heading Teens’ Network Foundation as president since 2007.

Although he has had a fair share of failed relationships, Williams is very optimistic about the future and has no doubt that he would meet the right woman for him when the time is right. Williams has made his imprints in the sands of time yet wants to continue his smart work till he dies as he still has big dreams he is yet to achieve. He hopes to be apart of Hollywood someday and is willing to put his best to grow Nollywood as well.

-Chizitere Ojiaka.

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