Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Okay, this is the first poem i've written in a while. I promised my self i wont do any writing in while but is guess my head will never stop writing lines by itself. I'm having a great vacation with my family so i thought i'd share a few lines with you my friends. Yeah go on and read it now.

Not in my place.
I'm in this place,
Some place,
an easily lovable place.

There's no reason at all,
To not fall in love with here,
No reason to hate,
Cos here reeks of peace.

I'm not in my place,
I'm a fresher here.
Everything is new and i care not.

Here in this place,
Reality lives,
People survive,
Life is made.

I'm new here
with familiar people.
Getting old here
around unfamiliar people.

I might not be in my place now,
But i'm glad i got missing
To be around the sweetest people.

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