Monday, May 9, 2011


Its been a really long while i blogged.
These days, i just open my blog and keep staring at it. Its not like i don't have things to write about or discuss, i just don't want to type. I've been too lazy to do any academic or literary work and house chores have consumed me therefore.

I've been doing plenty of reading meanwhile, even though its hard to read a story to the end these days. I guess I'll just summarize the last few months I've been away as my "i don't know what i've been doing period". The good thing about this period however is that I've taken good interest in fashion. I've been visiting a couple of fashion blogs, amongst which;; put up most of my favourite fashion posts. I've been reading a lot of fashion magazines and fashion articles as well and my interest in fashion has just continued to increase. My entertainment firm is still running by the way but this year hasn't been very good for us as a result of lack of funds and failed promises. Its a sad thing that a hardworking lady like me, full of amazing ideas, is kept shallow and useless because of lack of funds.

That sad part aside, I talked to my mum about the fashion bit and she says I should find a fashion school and be enrolled before the end of this month so i can start real classes. I might have to postpone it till July because of work though but lets see how it goes for now.

On the literary scene of my life, i got writing today and I'm working on a new short story. The good news is that its something different and I really hope i get to finish it and publish it soon. Haven't come up with a title for it yet though.

I'm hoping that i get to blog more from now on. I'll monitor myself and see how this month plays out. I'll try to blog about anything i want (good stuff ofcourse). My gift to you today is this you tube video i stumbled upon. Funny but nice tutorial on how to pack your hair. For those with thick curly hair though. Enjoy.

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