Friday, January 6, 2012


Most of you might already know about Anti-subsidy removal protests which have grown wide spread in Nigeria over the past few days. Nigerians have gone out of their homes, offices and comfort zones to make the government understand that they would no longer tolerate bad governance or reckless policies.

So many arguements and reasons have been made as to why many Nigerians stand against the subsidy removal but the head point still remains that it is as a result of lack of trust for government by citizens that many Nigerians refuse to believe that this fuel subsidy removal, as economical right as it might appear on paper will bring the promised developement and improvement.

(Protesters in Minna)

This dis-trust has led Nigerians to profer other solutions to the country's current economic situation and encourage that the government should lead by example. That is, cut down on their individual expenses, allowances and all other forms of expenses funded by the Nation's income.

Government should not however be carried away by the surface picture of these protests but should dig deeper and understand that what Nigerians really want is for them to renew their credibility. Show that you have the interest of your citizens at heart and not just make too many promises like your predecessors. Lay foundations for proper infrasturctural development where they are absent while maintaining what is available. Agriculture, Education and tourism are three of the best alternative soures of income the country can capitalize on with Education and Agriculture as those that deserve the most attention.

Most importantly, government should ensure that they learn the very important lessons from what is going on today and realise thet proper plannin, research and dialogue are essential for the success of a democratic government worthy of emulation.

(Lawyers protesting)

I however implore that all of us who seek that our voices be heard by government should remember that the intention behind this is not rebellion or thoughtless subborness for cheap popularity but a movement to ensure that the future generation does not indeed suffer for the mistakes for today and for our country to attain its full potentials. We should seek to understand what policies are really about so that we fight for the right cause.

Our efforts should therefore be carried out in peace, for unity, justice and good to prevail.

(Protesters in kano)

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