Saturday, February 4, 2012


Hello everyone, its been a very long time. I'm really sorry I went off on you guys like that but I couldn't help the situation. I've been down with malaria for a while but thanks to God, I'm recovering from it now.

Wednesday was the first day I felt strong since I fell ill and I thought it would be a good idea to swing by a dental clinic and get my teeth checked ASAP! I had been experiencing pain on the right side of my lower molars for almost four months and it was as a result of a hole in one of the teeth.

Four months gone, and procrastination didn't let me do the right thing so I had to get right out the minute I felt up to it and did the right thing. The exciting thing about it all is that it gave me an opportunity to visit Umuahia for the first time in my life, as well as some other places in Imo state I had not been to in my life. The dentist I consulted was my father's school mate at the University of Ibadan and his clinic is in umuahia.

It was an amazing experience, one that I can not find a comparison to yet. The dentist said the hole wasn't infected so there was no need to pull out the tooth. I had the hole filled instead. I felt slight pains before (when I was injected with a drug that made my left face feel like the heaviest numbest weight in the world. Lol) and after the procedure. I was asked not the chew on that side of my cheek for 24hours.

24 hours have since passed and my tooth hasn't given me any more problems! I'm as healthy as a healthy can be. Yay!

Anyways, I have two more posts after this so stay tuned and enjoy the line up. Considering that I have been AWOL for very long now, I'll get right to uploading them without taking any more of your time.


  1. Does the dentist know your father? Having been released from tooth pain is a relief that is worth a celebration. Chizitere, LOL. The last time I was out because of a toothache for almost week, I had a dinner party with my friends at the house. Seriously!

  2. You are lucky to have a very good dentist, Myne. It looks like he’s done a pretty good job with your molars too! Having tooth decay can be extremely painful. That is why it is important to get it checked right away. If you feel pain from that particular tooth, take some pain medications and go to your dentist right away. You can get some fillings or have it removed, depending on the severity of the decay.


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