Saturday, February 4, 2012


Its cheers to the weekend people! Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!!!! I'm sorry this post had to come late but it was due to many constraints that I had in the past week.

On cheers to the weekend today, I'll be telling you about a new hangout spot in Lagos and I'll be sharing some new music with you, thanks to my friend Chudy Ogbuabo again. I'll go straight the stories for today. :D

The Branama singer, Keffi is set to open her own continental restaurant called Branama Kitchen, situated at Mende Maryland Lagos, the exquisite restaurant will be officially opened on February 5th 2012. So get your tummies and pockets ready for tomorrow!

On the music scene, I have three hot new releases to share with you. Check them out and enjoy them this weekend.

Wizkid's azonto free style

That stupid song audio


So folks, that's all on cheers to the weekend today. Let's go rock this weekend!

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