Saturday, February 4, 2012


Mathematics is one subject a lot of people find very challenging and this has caused some of us to conclude that its a problem we'll have to live with while a few others have refused to let it stay a problem constantly seek solutions to this problem.

In my case, I studied economics at the University of Nigeria Nsukka and I must confess it was one heck of a fight for me. Maths almost destroyed me and in finding a way out of it, I decided that I will opt for an arts related course for my masters. I chose to study Economics in the University because it was one course I grew really fond of in secondary school. I had no idea that my Maths challenge would stand in my way as much as it did.

For some people like my dad, Mathematics is the easiest course in the world. This is because he sees maths as a subject that is all about following and applying basic principles. I discussed my problem with my dad, told him about my decision to change my course of study to the arts because of my maths challenge and he gave me a basic advice. He asked me to first tackle my maths challenge by studying mathematics from the first principle. He says he believes in my ability and wants me to face my challenges squarely and show the greatness in me.

I must confess that his words that day fell on the fertile part of my mind and has inspired me to face my mathematics challenge, once and for all. To that effect, I have bought the New General Mathematics textbook for JSS1 and have since been studying it. I'll move on to JSS2 and then on till I conclude the entire secondary school mathematics scheme on my own.

So far, I've been amazed. The maths at this stage is quite simple for me but I have been able to recognize some basic principles that I had not noted in the past. Some might ask if its not too late for that but in my opinion, its better late than never. Won't hurt to be a 60 year old math genius even. I'll try to keep you updated about my progress and I suggest that if you are facing something similar, adopting this method will help you learn and better understand maths. It might not make you a maths genius like in my dad's case, but it will definitely help you know how to solve mathematics problems better, although I pray it makes me a genius anyway. :D

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  1. Good effort. I commend u I do. But persoanally I have no inclination to be better at maths. Having done it in uni for my first two years and faiiling for the most part I can safely say I HATE MATHS.

  2. way to go girl!!!!!!!!!!!! My one and only naz!


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