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Every company, office, corporation, business outfit and the like operates with a certain level of organizational structure. The level of organizational structure usually differs depending on the size of the business and the size of its operations.  While some companies/businesses employ a high level/complex structure, others employ simpler structures.
Chizitere as an FDO

I know you might be wondering my point with this my “organisational structure” gist. Well, following the work experience I’m enjoying with my Place of Primary Assignment, I decided to share tit bits of this experience with you.

My job at PENCOM requires to me work as a Front Desk Officer on certain days. A Front Desk Officer/Receptionist serves as the face of the organisation in many cases. They are the official first point of contact for visitors and whatever impression, information or vibe they give off to visitors/customers is what some would take home as what your organization represents. Many people take receptionists for granted and belittle their operations and this is very wrong as it only turns around to affect your business negatively.

It is important for organizations to train their Front Desk Officers/Receptionists on how to provide proper Customer Care Services, Human relations as well as Ethical behaviour. This training equip the FDO with adequate tools with which they can carry their duties out professionally. Asides this training, I’d like to use this forum to reach out to FDOs/Receptionists and give them a few pointers on how they can be better at their job.

1.   COME TO WORK HAPPY: As funny as this may sound, it’s just the truth. Many Nigerians are in the habit of acting cranky or rude to people at their work place. Some may blame it on the bad day they started having from home or their way to work, ill health and a host of other excuses. This however, is a TABOO for a FDO/Receptionist but doesn’t mean anyone should act in that manner at all.
2.    LEARN PATIENCE AND TOLERANCE:  If you’re not a patient person or you have given up on your ability to ever learn patience, please do yourself a favour and reject the FDO job you get. FOD need to be patient enough to handle the concerns of their customers properly, even at the point when the customer begins to heave insults on them. People have the tendency to be very difficult to handle but your ability to be patient and tolerant would help you perform your duties adequately.
3.   BE FRIENDLY AND RESPECTFUL: Most times, your customers just need you to allay their fears and your warm attitude towards them might just be all you need to change their mood for the better.
4.    DRESS NICELY, SMILE WARMLY: Imagine walking into an office to meet a shabbily dressed FDO wearing a long face? Oh well, I don’t think I should say much on this point after that imagination.

     With these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to educate you. Lol. Now go yee into the world and win the hearts of your customers, workmates and superiors alike. *WINKS*


  1. Hmmm, nice!!!
    Sometimes, it can be the other way round. The receptionist can just be cranky for no reason.

    I was a victim of a receptionist's rant this morning at the clinic. Whew!!!

    1. Awch, I can imagine how it felt. Sadly, it's an experience we're exposed to on a daily basis in Nigeria. I hope the receptionist stumbles on this post though. lol. Thank you Uzochukwu.

    2. A friendly FDO opens a door of wider opportunities for the employer, people tend to naturally go to where they r well treated. I hope this post goes a long way to correct some of these unfriendly, grumpy faces I see in offices. As for me I hardly resist adorable friendly smiles and you know how I cnt control my pocket in such situations,it cld be you next. Lol
      In summary when it comes to human relations, Attitude is everything!!

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  3. Friendly,charming and alluring FDOs lik the one pictured above can also cause front desk hold-ups and go-slows. Hav seen it a lot of times. No hurry to see oga, when FDO is soo comely.

  4. Nicely written as this is your first blog I'm reading. I was once in the position of an FDO... Truth be said, some customers can just make you put up a long face BUT it's left for you to allow them spoil your day or, you can show them that life is has given you a hundred and one reasons to keep smiling. Thumbs up, Courageous fingers!


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