Sunday, October 7, 2012


I was emotionally crushed when i heard the news of the four University of Portharcourt students who were beaten to death. I was at a friend's house when i read it and had to run home to read more about it. The young men were first accused of stealing phones and laptops but the story recently changed (following the tweets of a person who claims he/she witnessed it) that they were cultists/armed robbers who had terrorized the villagers for a while.

I saw the gruesome photos of how these men were stripped and beaten to death and my heart is still drawn to tears whenever the images flashes back in my mind. I have no idea what went wrong or exactly what those young men did that got them to face such an inhumane treatment but i won't meddle words to express my disappointment and devastation that human beings actually did that to their fellow human being.

The amount of hate we live with in this world is overwhelmingly pathetic and there is absolutely no justification for anyone to take laws into their hands and murder someone in the name of "whatever excuse they might want to give as their reason". 

Even if those men were cultists and armed robbers, did they deserve the fate they faced? Weren't they entitled to a fair trial? Those of us capable of such cold action of beating people to death, aren't we equally as wicked (if not more) than the "enemies" we fight against? As for those who stood by and caught all the action on camera, don't even think to yourself that you're any less of a murderer because you could have alerted the police but you chose to stand by and do nothing.

I sincerely pray that Jungle Justice will become a seriously punishable crime in this country, lest we loose more souls to unjust acts of anger and irrationality. I pray that the souls of those young men find rest and their families will have the fortitude to bear the loss, amen...

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