Friday, December 13, 2013


It has been one year and two months and I haven't posted a single blog post!!!!! i cant believe I've been away for that long. I feel like such a horrible person right now :(

Oh well, not to worry, I'm back for good now and hopefully it would take something absolutely bigger than me to keep me away for so long again. So how have you been? What did i miss? etc etc. I missed you while i was away and I've kept looking forward to this day when i just put everything else aside and write this post.

Here's a summary of how my life has been so far though: 
1. In February, I graduated!!!! Whoop! Whoop! After a tough yet wonderful experience with the University of Nigeria Nsukka, i graduated with honours and bagged my B.Sc. hehehehe I'm a big girl now.
on my convocation day

 2. In June I sat for and passed my certification in management course without any hassles. So I'm a member of the Nigeria Institute of Management.

3. July, I got employed by Gender and Child rights Initiative as programs officer for 4 months while i waited for Nigeria's National Youth Service Corp program.
at Gender and Child rights Initiative. My sister came visiting :D

4. I received my call-up letter for National youth service in November and reported to the orientation camp 4 days after for the 3-week orientation camp exercise. Now i'm working with Nigeria's National Pensions Commission as my Place of Primary Assignment.
Drumming for my Platoon's dance presentation in camp
first day on camp
on fine evening in camp

swear-in day

cultural day in camp

with some friends from camp.
In summary, the year has been beautiful! I have so much to be grateful to God for, so many blessings and testimonies. I'm happier than I've ever been in my life and I've grown in  my relationship with God. I've met and fostered wonderful friendships/relationships with the most amazing people in this world, like I own a bank of wonderful people.
at arts and crafts village, FCT

Crowning my happiness at this point is the fact that i have you my lovely readers to share my stories with. I plan to update you regularly about how my life plays out for the next one year of my service to Nigeria and by God's grace i'll become addicted to it and keep you posted about my life after service, career, motherhood, education etc.

So far i must say i'm enjoying my job and i love everything i do here. Everyone in my department has been helpful and drop-dead patient with putting this new girl through how the system works here. I've already gotten a few good reports from my superiors and even clients. After i attended to a certain military man's call one day, the man had to call back after over an hour of trying to reach us, just to thank me for the way i attended to him and pray for me.
at work in the commission

I pray the testimonies get better and richer everyday. This is my first week here and i totally enjoyed it. I love you all, and i pray you keep enjoying my blog. MUAH!!!!


  1. Thank God for you,Sis. May d Lord continue to uplift you.

  2. Lovely year, and great recap. All the best at NPC

    1. Aunty Myne, my very consistent senior friend. You encouragement is immeasurable and i remain grateful. God bless you.

  3. smiling broadly @ ' after service, motherhood, etc...'
    Congrats on your convocation & Cheers to a better life!


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