Monday, December 16, 2013


Hey people, a happy new week to you! I hope your weekend was better than mine, although I think I had the best weekend and I'm happy to be back to work this Monday. 

Monday morning
I was able to get my much needed good rest after the "worky" week i had then on Saturday evening, I went shopping with my roommate to re-stock the house. Sunday was the coolest day. I went sightseeing with some friends. We drove around the city for a while then wrapped the day up with dinner at a place I now call my favourite Chinese restaurant. The service there is impeccable while the food tasted like magic on my tongue. Sinoni is the name of the place.

the appetizer.
The meal was so delicious that i had already eaten it half way before i remembered to take a picture. lol

waiting for the meal
I've tagged this post "unstoppable" because it's one word that describes exactly how i feel right now. My come back post was a huge success i'd say. I got overwhelming feedback and every response was positive and encouraging. Thank you so much.

nice view right?
My parents would be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this weekend. It's going to be a remarkable weekend for my family and I'm looking forward to it with great anticipation. I wish you all a lovely week ahead.

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