Thursday, December 19, 2013


Hello, you coffee mate, have you ever experienced caffeine overdose?

I was a victim of it earlier this week and believe me, it was no funny experience at all.I made my coffee with lots of milk and sugar to drown the bitter taste of the coffee as I had put in quite a lot hoping it would keep me up through out the day. The mixture turned out nice as it tasted in a sweet bitter manner that blew my mind. I had started off taking the coffee to keep me focused for the pile of newspapers I had to review for the office but the more I drank it, I enjoyed it so much and longed for another sip.

I remember when a friend of mine experienced it, it took almost one week for the effect of hers to wear off. Lucky for me, the two incidences I've experienced lasted only for a couple of hours. Most of you might have fallen victim of this without knowing what it was or what to do about it. You can get More about caffeine overdose so next time you've had a lot of coffee and you feel sick, you'd have an idea what it might be. As first aid treatment though, what I do is drink lots of water, and by lots of water i mean LOTS! Practically purge yourself with water. Drinking lots of water is a very healthy habit everyone should cultivate

 Caffeine overdose can be a serious problem and it's important for anyone who takes it to be informed about what it's overdose can cause. I hope this information comes in handy for many of us so make sure you drink responsibly! lol,.
Seriously though, don't get addicted to anything or take too much of it. Too much hardly goes well for anything.

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